Manifest Season 4 Officially Starts Production At Netflix

Netflix officially began production on Manifest Season 4 this week. The NBC series has come roaring back on the streamer after being canceled by the network. It's become a normal theme among fans of under-appreciated shows. One of your favorites gets canceled and then rises from the ashes like a phoenix when a streaming service exposes it to a new audience that may never have been aware of its existence. Now, there are a ton of people waiting on a resolution for Manifest. They're going to get it in due time. But, it has to feel great to know more is one the way. Check out a post from J.R. Ramirez down below:

On Instagram, it reads, "Alright I'm gonna try to keep this short n sweet. Walking through the stages this am… Just felt different. I've been working in this business for almost two decades now and I know to land a team of Cast n Crew that is as Collaborative, Dedicated and in my opinion (Most Importantly) "Ego Checked" as these Beautifully Talented Humans are… well it RARELY happens. With all that being said. It's only day one and you can already feel the Level of Appreciation this group has for the Magical Ride that is Manifest! But let's keep it real… The reality is ALL of This Magic is happening because of YOU guys! You guys made this happen! We Love You. Can't wait for you to see how it all comes together… #Manifest #Netflix #Season4"

Series creator Jeff Rake talked to EW about how the entire story will unfold. "The endgame won't change at all," Rake began. "For those who've been tracking this story through June and July, they'll remember that I was hopeful in the early weeks after cancellation that someone would step up and allow us to make something as modest as a two-hour movie."

"It would have been stressful and would not have been ideal, but I would have figured out my way through it," the creator added. "Given that I've had to go through the thought exercise this summer of how to get to the original endgame in two episodes, six episodes, or nine episodes, I feel like it's an embarrassment of riches to have to have 20 episodes to tell the rest of the story. So yes, I have always talked about three more seasons — and part of that was chronological, because it's always been my goal get to the series finale in real time in accordance with the five and a half years that the passengers had back — and that might have to adjust somewhat depending on how these episodes roll out."

"The good news is I am absolutely confident that 20 episodes gives me enough time to tell the entirety of the story as I always intended to. When I've talked in the past about having a roadmap all the way to the end of series, that didn't mean that I had a roadmap for literally every single episode. I have a roadmap with a series of twists and turns and flags in the sand that we would ultimately hit in order to tell the the core stories within our mythology and within our relationship drama. So it will not be a particularly difficult exercise to overlay that same exact roadmap onto 20 episodes. It will be quite organic," he concluded.

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