Percy Jackson Director Releases New Behind-the-Scenes Photos

Production continues to push forward on Percy Jackson and the Olympians. The serialized reboot of Rick Riordan's best-selling book series kicked off its eight-month shoot in Vancouver this past June, and has already filmed at least one "non-book scene" created exclusively for the show. Percy Jackson also has the luxury of using a "fully tricked out extra large Volume," much like big budget Disney+ productions The Mandalorian and Obi-Wan Kenobi before it. 

Beyond the technical aspects, specifics on the show have remained close to the vest. The eight-episode first season will follow the events of Riordan's first installment in his young adult Greek mythology series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, and will star Walker Scobell in the titular role.

While a bulk of production has taken place on the virtual StageCraft production stage, Percy Jackson is doing its fair share of on-location shooting. Director James Bobin took to Instagram to share some of the sights from the Vancouver set, highlighting a lake and wooded area presumed to be Camp Half-Blood.

While these set pictures don't reveal any of the bells and whistles at Camp Half-Blood, it does provide a good idea of what fans can expect from the layout. The lake is a particularly important feature, as various bodies of water located within Camp Half-Blood are home to major moments in The Lightning Thief. During Percy's first game of capture the flag, the son of Poseidon is tasked with patrolling the river, as the water fuels him. At the end of the book, Percy has a pivotal conversation with Luke by the same river, which culminates with the son of Hermes revealing his villainous allegiances.

Bobin's director's chair positioned by the lake could mean Percy Jackson is filming either of the aforementioned book scenes, or it could be a completely original segment created for the show. Producer Becky Riordan revealed earlier this week that Percy Jackson would be filming a "non-book scene" that she helped create.

"Filming a non-book scene today I helped create that improves story logic," Becky wrote on August 8th.

Whatever this scene may be, it will likely not include Annabeth. Actress Leah Sava Jeffries, who portrays the daughter of Athena in the series, is currently in New York doing press for her upcoming film, Beast.

Percy Jackson is currently in production and is without a release date.