Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney Release Strange New Cookbook for Welsh Delicacy

Welcome to Wrexham star Ryan Reynolds is spotlighting a Welsh delicacy with his partner Rob McElhenney. In a new cookbook made to accompany the Hulu series, they share a couple of different ways to make Rarebit. Commonly known as Welsh rabbit, the dish is basically cheese sauce over slices of bread. But, Reynolds found ways to spice it up by adding condiments or meat to the mix. But, not too much for comedic effect. As it stands, some fans got a real kick out of the inclusion. A lot of them probably didn't know it was National Welsh Rarebit Day either. Profits from the sale of this cookbook actually go towards the Wrexham Foodbank, so getting it would actually benefit people in that community. Here's what the duo had to say about their latest release.

"As Co-chairmen of Wrexham AFC, our mission is to support the team and local community, both on and off the pitch. Today, we're in the kitchen. And proud to share one of Wales' most famous and tastiest legends – Welsh Rarebit," they wrote. "In this book, we'll answer questions like what is Rarebit? Isn't it just cheese on toast? And, why are two idiots with no culinary experience releasing a recipe book about this Welsh delicacy? Every page features a Rarebit recipe lovingly tailored for fans around the world. So wherever you are, we hope you'll enjoy taking a rare–bite out of Welsh history, as you cheer on the Red Dragons. Mwynhewch eich bwyd (bon appetit), Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney"

Here's how Hulu describes the series if you're interested: "Rob McElhenney (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) and Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) navigate running the 3rd oldest professional football club in the world. Welcome to Wrexham is a docuseries tracking the dreams and worries of Wrexham, a working-class town in North Wales, UK, as two Hollywood stars take ownership of the town's historic yet struggling football club."

"In 2020, Rob and Ryan teamed up to purchase the 5th tier Red Dragons in the hopes of turning the club into an underdog story the whole world could root for. The worry? Rob and Ryan have no experience in football or working with each other. From Hollywood to Wales, from the pitch to the locker room, the front office to the pub, Welcome to Wrexham will track Rob and Ryan's crash course in football club ownership and the inextricably connected fates of a team and a town counting on two actors to bring some serious hope and change to a community that could use it."


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