Ryan's World Ninja Adventures Sets Premiere Date and Offers Fans a First Look (Exclusive)

'Ryan's World,' a wildly popular kids' YouTube channel, is rolling out a new ninja-themed series of episodes, which begin this week. ComicBook.com has an exclusive first look.

Today, online video sensation Ryan Kaji and his family, along with Sunlight Entertainment, their family-owned and -operated production company, announced that the first episode of their brand-new series Ryan's World Ninja Adventures will debut on the Ryan's World YouTube Channel on Saturday, August 19 at 5:00 AM PT / 7:00 AM CT, with two more episodes set to roll out in the coming months. ComicBook.com can offer our readers a first look behind the scenes, in the form of four photos you can see below. To kick off the exciting show ahead of the launch, the Kaji family is inviting fans everywhere to tune into their livestream experience,  also set to debut on the channel on Wednesday, August 16 at 4:00 PM PT / 6:00 PM CT. 

Here's the official synopsis: "In Ryan's World Ninja Adventures, Ryan and his family are playing ping pong when Ryan's dad falls mysteriously ill! Ryan and his sisters must accompany a talking sword named Master Katana to the Ninja Realm to find the medicine that will cure their father. The group must navigate obstacle courses, do battle with Ninja Bears and Chickens and outsmart Packrat, who wants the medicine all for himself! In the end, Ryan battles an entire, robotic Ninja Castle, piloted by Packrat. He succeeds, but finds he doesn't have enough ninja power to return home. Master Katana heroically sacrifices his powers to send Ryan back. The medicine cures his dad, and Master Katana magically reappears, now in the form of a ping pong paddle! Game on!"

"We've been waiting for this day to come to launch our Ninja-themed family adventures and new animated series," said Shion Kaji, Ryan's father and CEO of Sunlight Entertainment. "I feel so lucky to be able to create such fun and unforgettable memories like this with our entire family. We just hope people will enjoy watching our ninja-themed adventures as much as we enjoyed making them."

You can see some preview photos from the event below.


Beginning with the family's live-action ninja-themed short film, the livestream will follow with a screening of episode one from the new Ryan's World Ninja Adventures series.

During the livestream experience in celebration of the series debut, kids and their parents can see the Kaji family battle it out like they've never seen them before! Engaging in fun, high-energy Ninja battles, Shion, Loann, Ryan, Emma and Kate prove to the "bad guys" why they shouldn't mess with their family and their master Ninja warrior skills. In the highly-produced live action short film, each Kaji family member performs thrilling, choreographed fight scenes, while suited in elaborate costumes to match the high-quality content. At the end, you'll see the in-person Ninja Ryan get the last battle in to save the day! Following the live-action Ninja spectacle, viewers can enjoy a screening of the first episode from the brand-new "Ryan's World Ninja Adventures" series.