SDCC 2018: 'Charmed' Panel Recap

The panel for The CW's Charmed reboot begins with the world premiere of the pilot episode, which is set to debut on the network this fall. Check back later for the official review of the pilot!

After the episode airs, the Q&A portion of the panel begins. Cast members Melonie Diaz, Sarah Jeffery, and Madeleine Mantock take the stage, along with producers Jennie Snyder Urman and Jessica O'Toole.

Jennie Urman is asked why now was the right time to reboot the series. "The original was about women's empowerment. It's about women kicking ass and now seems like a perfect time for that."

Jessica O'Toole says that Mel was the first sister that was cast in the series, and the other two fell in "organically" from there. Madeleine Mantock's interview was over Skype because she was overseas but she blew the casting team away. "We couldn't be happier," O'Toole said of the cast.

"Charmed is obviously so iconic, and to be an extension of that is so amazing," said Sarah Jeffrey. She mentioned that she wants to be respectful of the original series while making this one. Melonie Diaz went on to say that her love and adoration for Jane the Virgin helped get her excited for this role.

Mantock says that the trio went out for dinner together when they arrived on set and they had instant chemistry. They all now have a group chat together.

O'Toole on what's in store this season: "A mix of soap, and magic, and real horror. That's what we're going for. It's about how do you develop these characters and continue to show the audience the layers of these women."

"And there will be love stories. Juicy love stories," adds rlman. "The true love triangle will be the one between the sisters."

The producers are asked about the LGBTQ inclusion in the reboot.

"It felt very natural," says O'Toole. "It was important and it doesn't feel like the real world without that element."

"I'm so happy about that," Diaz says of her character's representation. "I'm really excited to be a part of a show that's taking that to the next level."

The trio of actresses joke about using their powers on set and how much smaller all of the actions look without the special effects. They're asked how the powers will be evolved.

"You'll see their powers evolving and growing as the season goes on. As in the original, their powers will continue to develop throughout the series."

The producers joke about demons they want to add throughout the first season and O'Toole talks about a demon that possesses your Fitbit and slowly drains the life out of you.

"The demons all represent something about the girls, or about the world we live in."

All five women on the stage pay their respects to the original series. They will be paying homage to the show while also bringing a modern twist.

"Did you see Melinda Warren in the Book of Shadows?" Urman replied when asked about Easter Eggs in the pilot. She mentions that it is "deeply-rooted" in the original.

The producers explain that Harry is a major question mark moving forward. Rupert Evans was supposed to be at the panel with them, but his wife just had a baby so he had to miss it.


O'Toole says "It's gonna be juicy and you're going to really fall in love with the sisters," when asked what fans can expect when the show arrives. Urman adds, "I really hope that you all have fun."

The panel ends with a call to be sure to watch the series premiere on The CW on Sunday, October 14.