Sean Hannity Previews Roseanne Barr Interview Thursday Night: ‘Nothing Is off the Table’

Sean Hannity previewed his upcoming interview with Roseanne Barr Thursday night, promising no [...]

Sean Hannity previewed his upcoming interview with Roseanne Barr Thursday night, promising no topic will be off limits.

After weeks of staying under the radar, save for the occasional Twitter rant and bizarre video statements on her YouTube page, Barr will sit down with Hannity for her first on-air interview since a racist tweet about former White House aide Valerie Jarrett led to the cancellation of her hit ABC sitcom.

"Nothing is off the table," Hannity told Variety ahead of the interview. "I think it's an opportunity for Roseanne to explain what had happened."

His conversation with the actress, which is expected to tape later Thursday, will air during his 9 p.m. show Hannity on Fox News Channel. The show will likely bring him, the most-watched host in cable news, a broader audience than the 3.37 million he attracted on a average in the second quarter of 2018.

The interview has already been met with criticism. ABC's revival of Barr's show, which originally ran for nine season, was widely seen as a move to cater to the working class. Hannity has been one of Trump's biggest supporters and part of his appeal to viewers is his connection with the President.

The new Roseanne was a major TV success, but it all came crashing down after Barr posted a tweet making a racist reference Jarrett.

ABC canceled the series and will launch a new one, The Conners, featuring characters from the show, with the exception of Barr.

"She understands the severity of it," said Hannity, who publicly criticized her tweet.

"This is an opportunity in many ways for her," he told the outlet. "This is the kind of an interview where I won't interrupt a lot because the viewers will want to hear her own words about the tweet and what she has been going through since that moment."

Barr had previously stated she would not be doing TV interviews, and producers are staying silent about how they booked the conversation.

Hannity revealed he had talked to the controversial comedian recently. "I just want to find out what it was all about, why it happened, the lead up to it, the aftermath of it," he said.

He also expects to ask her about "where the line is today" for many comedians, in addition to discussing Barr's decision to allow The Conners to move forward without her, even though the characters come directly from her intellectual property.

"I know that it upset her greatly that her actions had impact on other people she cares deeply about," Hannity said.

Hannity is expected to interview Barr on the set of his show, but will reportedly not dedicate the full hour to the conversation with her.

Will you be tuning in? Hannity will air its episode featuring the conversation Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on Fox News Channel.