Shazam! Director Gets Hilariously Disappointing Results Searching For His Film On HBO Max

HBO Max launched on Wednesday with the new streaming service offering users a wide variety of film and television content, including a large number of recent DC films, including Joker, Batman v Superman, Justice League, and more. However, when it came to looking for Shazam! on the streaming service, director David F. Sandberg had some hilarious difficulties locating the Zachary Levi-starring film on HBO Max using his Apple TV and took to Twitter to share the fail with followers.

On Twitter, Sandberg shared a short video of himself trying to use his voice remote to verbally search for Shazam! He asked for the film by name, as one would assume would be the correct way to do it, but instead of pulling up the 2019 superhero film, he was informed "Sorry, I can't recognize music on your Apple TV." Check it out for yourself below.

It's a hilarious fail of sorts as Shazam is an Apple-owned application that can identify music, movies, advertising, television shows and more based on just a short sample of sound played into the microphone of the device Shazam is using. Unfortunately, it seems like the Siri remote didn't recognize that Sandberg was requesting a very different Shazam.

Sandberg followed up his humorously disappointing voice search post with one revealing that you can find Shazam! on HBO Max if you type it out by hand "like a caveman".

A few fans also replied to Sandberg to explain that the film can be found using voice search, but you have to just be more specific with what you're looking for. Instead of asking for just "Shazam" users need to make it clear that they want the movie by explicitly stating "exclamation mark" as well.


The Shazam! search isn't the only interesting thing fans have noticed about DC offerings on HBO Max, either. The streaming service is also officially using the DC Extended Universe name for the connected film universe based on DC Comics. It's a name that was widely used, especially post-Justice League, but Warner Bros. never officially used it as a franchise label. Now, on HBO Max, that label appears as a subsection of the "Blockbuster Franchises" category and includes Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, Justice League, Aquaman, and, of course, Shazam!.

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