HBO Max: Everything You Need to Know

When you think of streaming services, names like Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and Amazon will likely be the first to come to mind. There are hordes of others out there, but that's the group that virtually everyone knows about, and they represent the most popular options in the streaming industry. It will soon be time to add HBO Max to that list. While the new WarnerMedia service still hasn't launched, it's easy to see how it will compete with the current slate of options and establish a core audience for itself rather quickly.

HBO Max launches in the United States on Wednesday, May 27th, and it brings with it a vast library of content from WarnerMedia. Hundreds of movies from the Warner library, along with popular shows like Friends and The Big Bang Theory will make HBO Max a popular option amongst entertainment enthusiasts around the country, even though the price point may be higher than its competitors. All that to say, if you still need a little more information about the service, we've got you covered.

You may be wondering if HBO Max is the same thing as HBO Now or HBO Go. It absolutely is. HBO Go is the service you use to stream content if you have an HBO subscription through your cable provider. HBO Now is the standalone version of HBO you can pay for without cable. HBO Max is something more. Though the name might sound confusing, HBO Max has everything that HBO proper as, along with a lot more content, but it's the same exact price.

If you have HBO Now currently, you'll be able to switch over to HBO Max for no additional charge. Most subscriptions will automatically turn into HBO Max for you. It's a little tougher for HBO Go users, because you pay for HBO through your cable provider, not through WarnerMedia (unless you have AT&T). So if you have HBO Go, you'll probably need to sign up for Max separately if you want to access it.

As far as cost goes, HBO Max will set you back $14.99 each month, which is more than the standard plans of its competitors. However, it already costs that much for HBO on its own, and this includes hundreds more movies and popular TV that you can't find on other services, so you're getting quite a lot for your money.

If you do want to shave a couple of dollars off the price, you can "preorder" the service right now on and it get a special discount. By preordering, you'll be billed $12.99 each month for HBO Max for the first year you have a subscription.

So what exactly is on HBO Max? There are too many things to list right now, but you can find a full list of the service's launch movies here. There are more than 600 total, with another batch coming in June. HBO Max will be the exclusive streaming home of the Studio Ghibli movies, as well as shows like Friends, The Big Bang Theory, and many others. The service will also include South Park, Rick and Morty, and most live-action DC movies.


It all begins when HBO Max arrives on Wednesday, May 27th.

Do you think you'll be signing up for HBO Max once it launches? Let us know in the comments.