Showtime Cancels New Series Ahead of Season 2 Premiere

The gavel has officially come down on Your Honor. During a recent appearance on Dax Shepard's Armchair Expert podcast, series star Bryan Cranston revealed that the series will be ending after its upcoming second season, which recently started filming. Subsequently, reports revealed that Joey Hartstone, who wrote on the series' first season, has stepped in as showrunner for Season 2. Hartstone will succeed original showrunner Peter Moffat, who reportedly opted not to return so he could stay in the UK with his family, as well as David Manson, who also parted ways with the series. Additionally, reports have revealed that recurring cast member Keith Machekanyanga has been promoted as a series regular for Season 2.

"I am [currently] preparing for the second and last season of Your Honor, which is a limited series that I did for Showtime," Cranston said on the podcast. "As they tell me, it got higher ratings than any other series they've ever had — and so, one more season of that."

Based on the Israeli series Kvodo, Your Honor follows Michael Desiato (Cranston), a prominent and respected New Orleans judge. When his teenage son Adam kills another teenager in an accidental hit-and-run collision, Michael encourages his son to turn himself in, but quickly changes his mind when he discovers that the boy whom Adam killed was the son of a mafia kingpin and decides to cover up the hit-and-run instead. Michael's attempts to dispose of the evidence and conceal the truth have tragic consequences.

"Whenever there's a character who is facing an emotional, ethical dilemma, it draws me in," Cranston previously revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. "And with this dramatic construct of having your son make a mistake and panic and leave the scene of an accident, which results in a death, is disturbing and very, very possible. You go, 'Yeah, I think under stress and shock, you could make a mistake like that.' That possibility lends itself to some really terrific drama."

Your Honor also stars Hunter Doohan, Hope Davis, Sofia Black-D'Elia, Isiah Whitlock Jr., Michael Stuhlbarg, and Carmen Ejogo. The series became the most-watched debut season in Showtime's history, with 6.6 million viewers weekly.

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Your Honor's Season 2's premiere date has yet to be announced.


h/t: Deadline