Smallville Stars Break Silence on Allison Mack's Involvement in Sex Cult

The revelations about the NXIVM sex cult have been as bewildering as they are disturbing. The story of a pyramid scheme company housing a secret cult and sex trafficking operation (called DOS) is strange enough - but it got exponentially more strange when it was revealed that one of its ringleaders was none other than Smallville actress, Allison Mack.

Mack has since been arrested and pleaded guilty to racketeering charges related to NXIVM's operations. Now, two of her biggest Smallville co-stars, Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum are speaking up about the matter.

Welling actually appeared on an episode of Rosenbaum's popular podcast, Inside Of You, where the two actors (who played Smallville's Clark Kent and Lex Luthor, respectively) opened up about learning about Mack's involvement in this dark and bizarre enterprise. Short version: they were as bewildered about it as anyone:

"I didn't know anything about it…," Welling said. "I was very surprised to read anything about it. It's sounds very bizarre. Allison was always a nice person around me."

Rosenbaum echoed that same sentiment of being blindsided by the news, stating:

"All I know is, it's hard to… I always say this, if somebody said, 'Hey, your brother killed someone.' I'm like, 'No, it's impossible. You don't know my brother.' Now, Allison and I were never really tight on the show, like you and I were. I didn't really know, she went off and did her own thing. But if someone said, 'Oh, Allison Mack killed [someone]' I would [say], 'No, that's impossible.'"

As discussion progressed, Rosenbaum admitted that hearing about Mack's involvement in NXIVM did fill in a few blanks, stating, "And now, things have added up and… you're sort of in the middle where you're like, 'Hey, I'll always have love for Allison, but did this really happen?' … I don't know what to say... I always knew, back in the day, they were part of like a self-help thing, but it wasn't even this; this was something that happened later. I remember one time, maybe it was Allison who asked me or something and she was just like, 'Hey, you should try coming to it,' and I was like, 'No. I don't know. It's not for me.'"


Whatever the signs may or may not have been, by now any adult (or young adult) human being should probably understand that people can always keep a 'secret self' you would never guess they were capable of being. It's one of the scariest things abut life and human relationships: the danger of one day waking up to find someone you thought you knew for so long, you didn't really know at all. Rosenbaum sums that sentiment up succinctly when he made the final claim that, "...ultimately we both think it's tragic what happened, if that's what happened. We're all figuring out what the deal is."

Allison Mack is currently out on bond and awaiting trial in September. She faces up to 20 years in prison, given her current charges.