Daniel Kaluuya Pays Tribute to Kenan & Kel on SNL

Daniel Kaluuya is hosting SNL and he made sure to thank Kenan and Kel for their contributions to his acting career. The fan-favorite actor has been in Get Out, Black Panther, and Jesus and the Black Messiah as of late. But, in Studio 8H, he told a story about his first play being based on the Nickelodeon comedy show. That small moment made him into the actor he is today. Kaluuya made sure to thank God, his mother, and Kel Mitchell The star also made sure to tell Kenan Thompson that he couldn't believe that the All That star was sitting backstage right now. For the former Nickelodeon star, it has to feel good to hear another actor mention your early career as an inspiration. (Although it might make you feel pretty old to hear someone talk about watching you all those years ago.) It seems like the Black Panther star is off to an amazing start on Saturday Night Live.

Thompson actually talked to Chance the Rapper talked about why he's decided to stick with the iconic comedy show recently. As a part of a virtual SXSW event, the comedian told the Grammy Award-winner that the thrill of coming in to work has not subsided. Until that happens, there's no chance of Kenan stepping.

"We're on Season 46 right now — I've been there for 17 [years]," he explained. "It's a wild place! That's why I am never in a rush to leave because I have never seen anything like it and number two, there aren't many live shows left. It never gets old because it's sketch comedy and it changes every week."

"You were either a child actor in movies…or you just were a TV kid and that's all you did," Thompson added about his earlier years. "You aren't a working person that goes from job to job to job and just has a career. That was a new-ish type of thing. Our generation was focused on getting other jobs and other gigs."


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