No, South Park Didn't End With "Season Finale" Episode

South Park has dominated the headlines in its twenty-third season, particularly after an episode about Chinese regulations led to the long-running series being banned in the country. The most recent episode appeared to defy expectations in a whole new way, with a title and plot that seemed to suggest that it was the show's "Season Finale". For the past day, this has led some to wonder if South Park was headed for an unexpected extended hiatus, after only airing six episodes as part of Season 23. If you're among those who are wondering about the immediate fate of the show, you might not need to worry. Comedy Central's website lists a seventh episode of Season 23, which is expected to premiere on Wednesday, November 13th, at 10/9c.

south park season 23 episode 7
(Photo: Comedy Central)

Granted, it was pretty easy to assume that "Season Finale" was... actually a season finale, given the way that the episode's plot played out. The installment seemed to wrap up two ongoing plotlines - Randy's dealings with China and the threat of the nonexistent "Mexican Joker" - in a tidy bow. This was exaggerated even further with Randy literally turning to the camera and saying that it was a wrap on the season.

As Decider speculates, the "season" Randy was referencing might have been weed harvesting season, as Randy mentions that the latest strain of weed from Tegridy farms is called "Season Finale". By and large, Season 23 has put a prominent focus on Randy and his exploits, so this notion of a "finale" could mean that the remainder of Season 23 will focus on other aspects of the show.

While ending Season 23 early would have been a bizarre-enough move to work for South Park - especially considering the fast-paced schedule that episodes are made on - the show's previous history supports the idea that more episodes are to come. Throughout its decades-long run, South Park has never put out a season with less than ten episodes, with the series consistently putting out ten-episode runs since 2013. There's also the fact that the initial episode order for Season 23 seemed to be for ten episodes, and that the series is renewed for similar circumstances all the way through Season 26. Whether or not Season 23 ends up being 10 episodes remains to be seen, but there's definitely a good chance of it happening.


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South Park airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Comedy Central.