'South Park' Tackles Trump Tweets

Irreverent animated comedy South Park lampooned President Trump's tweeting habits and the current political climate with North Korea in the newest season's second episode, "Put it Down."

The perpetually strung-out Tweek — an over-caffeinated, anxiety-ridden fourth grader — performs a song for his classmates, driven by panic. "We're all gonna die," he screams. "They have nuclear missiles! Why are you just sitting there doing nothing? We have to get out of here! North Korea wants to kill us all and our president keeps making it worse! Why are you all just sitting there? Why are you all acting like nothing’s wrong? North Korea is going to bomb us, we are all dead!! We have to do something, do something, do something!!”

Tweek, who receives ping notifications whenever the president tweets, tells boyfriend Craig his worst fears: "The president just tweeted that North Korea doesn't have the guts to attack us," Tweek says. "Why would he say that? He’s making everything worse! The North Koreans are gonna think we all agree with the president!” On Craig's advice, Tweek goes home to make something nice to send to the North Koreans, deciding to bake cupcakes that are later presented to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Pyongyang.

At home scrolling through a CNN news feed, Tweek sees worrisome headlines: "North Korea is 100% nuclear ready" and "North Korea able to reach your town?" Tweek is temporarily calmed when he learns his baked goods not only pleased the dictator, but inspired him to make his own. In a live update, the president addresses the peace offering: "I know that kid Tweek, he's f—king with you, North Korea," the president tweets. "Get a clue. I'll bet he took a dump in the batter."

South Park 1
(Photo: Comedy Central / South Park Digital Studios)

The president, who is only ever referred to as "the president" and never by name, immediately tweets again, striking even more panic into the boy. "I hope ALL children of America will stand with Tweek in saying, 'GO AHEAD AND BOMB US KIM JONG DONG, WE F—KING DARE YOU!'"

North Korea successfully fires a missile over Tweek's Denver, Colorado home, prompting further tweet warfare from the president, who says the East Asian country "doesn't have the balls" to attack Tweek. Despite attempts by Craig to calm Tweek's worries, explaining that North Korea isn't going to attack anyone or start a war they can't win, Tweek maintains his uneasiness even at a local amusement park.

“Why would the U.S. be scared of North Korea?” the president writes. “Tweek is so not scared he’s at an amusement park in Denver right now.” Admitting to Craig that he feels he has no control over his life, feeling like he's "just a pawn in some big game," Tweek decides to perform another song for South Park Elementary.

“Put it down, don’t be on your phone while being president,” sings a choir of schoolchildren. “Put it down, why do something dumb and cause an accident?” American citizens take vows to not be on the phone should they become president, with the kids singing "no one cares" to a pledging Hillary Clinton.

The episode also sees Cartman advocating for suicide awareness following a split with his girlfriend, donning a hoodie and singing a suicide prevention anthem inspired by rapper Logic's "1-800-273-8255." South Park, now in its 21st season, airs new episodes Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Comedy Central.




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