Logan Lerman Doesn't Want to Play a Superhero, Despite Auditioning for Spider-Man Years Ago

Logan Lerman might have auditioned to be Spider-Man years ago, but he doesn’t want to play a superhero right now. GQ sat down with the star of Amazon’s Hunters to talk about his career so far. When things shifted to his process for choosing roles, the actor didn’t mince words. He sounded like he wasn’t planning on starring in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or a DC feature any time soon. Lerman would later tweet that he wasn’t exactly as stringent as his comments would seem. In fact, his comments echo some sentiment that is gaining steam among some in the film industry. The Hunters star is concerned that popular IP and franchises kind of have a stranglehold on theaters right now. But, that is the game right now, you just have to be selective.

“Now, studios aren’t making movies that aren't based off of IP that matters to them,” he explains. “If you try to get in there, you get stuck in the bureaucracy trying to get approval from the chains of command. Then you're going nowhere… Plus, I don't really want to wear tights and s***.”

Lerman continued, “Sometimes you get taken off-course. Hollywood culture is really gross and superficial. I found myself being productized and manipulated by the Hollywood machine, but then I'd find myself getting back to who I am, and liking that form of representation, and learning from it.”

The star is probably best known for his turn in The Perks of Being A Wallflower and the time he spent in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians franchise. (There are a lot of people that would be absolutely ecstatic to see those movies continue on.) As far as Hunters goes, the first impressions have been entertaining, but there’s still more to come. Check out what Comicbook.com had to say about the first few episodes:


“Audiences have been excited to see Amazon Prime's Hunters almost from the jump, thanks to its politically-relevant Nazi-hunting concept, the promise of Al Pacino stepping into his first regular TV series role, and the creative team that includes horror icon Jordan Peele. If the series' first five episodes are any indication, it seems like that excitement will be worth it, as Hunters has the potential to be one of the first truly buzzworthy TV shows of the 2020s. Even when the series stumbles, it establishes a television world that is violent, surreal, and oddly fascinating to watch, largely thanks to the diverse ensemble cast at its center.”

Season 1 of Hunters is streaming on Amazon Prime.

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