EXCLUSIVE: Here's Your First Look At Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil Season 3

Star Butterfly is back, and ComicBook.com has your first look at the much-anticipated new season [...]

Star Butterfly is back, and ComicBook.com has your first look at the much-anticipated new season of Star vs The Forces of Evil.

The well-meaning but sometimes destructive princess returns to Disney XD later this year, and fans can mark their calendars for the big season 3 premiere, which takes place on November 4. Disney XD is following that up with two straight weeks of new episodes, which will run Monday through Thursday until November 16.

That batch of new episodes will conclude with the special one-hour mid-season finale, but don't fret just yet, because you've got plenty of amazing entertaining to enjoy before then. You can get an exclusive look at season 3 in the video above.

Each episode of Star vs. The Forces of Evil will premiere on Disney XD on 7 am, with encores every day at 11 am, 5 pm, and 8:30 pm.

For those unfamiliar with Star vs. The Forces of Evil, the series follows a magical princess named Star Butterfly, who lives in a separate dimension called Mewni. She is given an ancient family heirloom on her 14th birthday, but being a bit new to the whole "great power" thing, she accidentally burns her castle down. That heirloom is a powerful wand, which she takes with her to Earth.

That's when her parents send her to Earth, specifically the Echo Creek Academy. It's here where she meets Marco, who helps her fight off the constant badgering from her main enemy, Ludo. Ludo is also from Mewni and wants to take Star's wand and use it to control the universe. He will do it by any means necessary and has an army of monsters at his deposal.

So yeah, an army of monsters and a crazy madman versus a magic user in training and her friend. Oh, and a floating unicorn head named Pony Head. Yeah, that seems fair.

New episodes of Star vs. The Forces of Evil kick off on Disney XD on November 4th.



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