Star Wars: The Mandalorian Creator Jon Favreau Reveals New Details About Baby Yoda's Macarons

Star Wars: The Mandalorian has been breaking the Internet on almost a weekly basis, between the live-action introductions of major characters and countless other connections and pieces of lore. Along the way, there have been quite a lot of noteworthy moments involving Grogu, also known as "The Child" and "Baby Yoda". One of the most adorable instances came in the series' twelfth episode, which is titled "The Heist". The episode saw Baby Yoda stealing and eating (and then throwing up) a package of macarons from another child in Navarro's school, a sequence of events that quickly had fans smitten. If you've been wanting to try the light blue confection in real life, the popular YouTube channel Binging with Babish is here to help -- with the help of The Mandalorian creator Jon Favreau. In a new video, which was posted on Tuesday, Favreau joins in to provide a bit of behind-the-scenes intel about how the macarons came to be in the show.

"Josh, our prop master, came to us and was asking. 'What do these cookies look like?' If you look at the very end of the episode, under the credits, we like to include a lot of production art," Favreau revealed. "So you can see the first look at what we thought it might look like. We wanted it to be blue, because it was like blue milk. And the prop master ended up baking macarons for it. But not a full macaron, not the sandwich, just like one half of the sandwich."

Favreau also essentially apologizes for the screen-accurate cookie being so laborious (and often, expensive) to recreate, and suggests constructing a recipe for a blue raspberry sugar cookie as a more feasible alternative.

"It didn't really have much flavor. It was kind of a blue raspberry a little bit, but again, because it's on a film set, you're not worried so much about the taste. It's about the look. What I also found out now that everybody loves - especially, kids love to nerd out on the stuff in the show - that little kids might want to eat macarons, because it's what Baby Yoda is eating. I later realized that macarons, when you buy them, could be several dollars each. So it's an expensive thing."

With the help of the macarons, "The Heist" was undeniably one of the most standout Baby Yoda episodes yet -- something that series star Carl Weathers, who directed the episode, saw as a priority.

"I know what the show is about – it's called The Mandalorian, so that sort of takes care of that," Weathers said in a recent interview. "But his sidekick, his ward, his little being that accompanies him on his journey, has this sweetness, this obviously childlike quality that we all love in little ones, before they can say 'no!' and throw things and have tantrums. When I read the script, one of my comments was to ask John to put more of the Baby in there."

"The journey that we're on is fraught with danger and is very action-oriented, and there's a lot of weapons-fire and bad guys going down and chases and all that good stuff, explosions – it's like a panoply of all the good stuff in action movies," Weathers added. "But there's also the Baby – this gentler, softer, sweeter side that comes out of everyone who interacts with him. And that to me was just a wonderful balance. Jon crafted these scenes so beautifully. I'm a fan of the Kid, I'm a real fan. I'd love to see more of him."

What do you think of this recipe for Baby Yoda's macarons from The Mandalorian? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


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