DC's Stargirl Recap With Spoilers: A New Villain Rises in "Shiv Part One"

Last week on DC's Stargirl, the new Justice Society of America came together for their very first mission and unexpectedly ended up facing off with two of the Injustice Society's heavy hitters: Sportsmaster and Tigress. It didn't exactly go well, but the episode ended with Pat reluctantly deciding that the team should train. This week, the team is ready to start taking that next step, but it's also Homecoming in Blue Valley something that presents plenty of its own drama and challenges, especially for Cindy Burman who finds herself growing weary of high school drama -- something that may just push her towards becoming a villain all her own. Want to find out what happened in this week's "Shiv Part One"? Read on for our spoiler-filled recap to find out!

Warning: Spoilers for this week's episode of DC's Stargirl, "Shiv Part One", below.

The episode opens with Courtney greeting the cosmic staff, Rick carving an hourglass into the tree, Yolanda working out in the gym, and Beth doing karaoke with Chuck -- and she's been so busy she forgot to make her parents lunch. Mike comes home from his paper route, Pat and Courtney try to work out the training plans calling it "learning to drive" but Barbara isn't happy about it and is a little suspicious.

In the hospital, Henry Jr. visits his dad and Cindy shows up, expressing worry for Henry Jr. who says he feels like he can will his father to wake up. Cindy is more focused on homecoming. At school, the JSA kids come together and are in good moods when Cindy plows into them and is just nasty. Beth says Cindy used to be really nice until her mom died and then her dad remarried twice, and she became mean. Cindy is in a bad mood and is called out by one of her "friends". She then runs into Justin the Janitor and is mean to him as well, the Courtney shows him kindness. Henry Jr. refuses to go to the dance with Cindy.

In chemistry class, Courtney ends up partnering with Cindy, and it turns out she's well-versed in chemistry to the point that she doesn't need to read the instruction. Cindy offers to hang out with Courtney instead of going to the dance. In geometry, Henry Jr. is struggling with what appears to be his powers beginning to manifest as he is starting to hear people's thoughts, which helps him get the answers to the test. At home Cindy is mean and controlling towards her stepmother. The woman is terrified of both Cindy and her father. Cindy goes down to see her father in his lab which is connected to the ISA lair, eavesdropping on the villains as they debate bringing their own kids into things, learning about Stargirl. Dragon King has her pulled away.

Training time for the new JSA. Pat has the challenge of teaching them teamwork. He tries to explain the villains a bit to them, but Courtney keeps interrupting and then takes out the training dummies -- upsetting the rest of the team as now training is over for the day.

Talking to her father, Cindy says she wants to be part of the ISA and reveals her powers, taking out one of his henchmen. It’s revealed that Cindy killed her mother when she was a child. As he lectures her, Cindy tries to take up her suit and staff, but Dragon King stops her. He wants her to keep focusing on Henry Jr. because they need his abilities for a machine. Dragon King won't let her break up with Henry Jr. It appears Cindy is the only one of the ISA kids who knows the truth and she wants a seat at the ISA table.

At the American Dream, Jordan wants Barbara to help him secure the purchase of a sewing machine factory in a nearby town. That leaves Pat to handle the kids while she's away. At Jordan's house, Cameron reveals that he doesn't know how to ask the girl he's interested in to the dance. Jordan reveals that he struggled to ask Christine out (and pretends to joke that he killed the competition to be with her). Cameron suggests that maybe Jordan should try to be happy.

Football game. Courtney is on high alert and suspicious of the principal. When Pat goes to get snacks, Mike reveals that he doesn't like Courtney being close to Mike. Cameron shows up. It turns out that Cameron likes her! He asks her to homecoming, and Courtney says yes, but then has to cancel her plans with Cindy. That doesn't go well, and Cindy just shuts her out.


Courtney also follows and spies on Principal Bowen and watches her enter a secret entrance in her office. Suiting up, Courtney decides to go after her, entering part of the ISA lair. Cindy also goes into the lair, attempting to access the ISA area from her father's lab. As he's not there, she ends up taking her suit as she hears an alarm go off indicating that Stargirl is there. Courtney comes out of the lair in another part of the high school and is attacked by Cindy -- as Shiv. They fight, at one point Shiv's face gets burned by the Cosmic Staff but regenerates much to Stargirl's horror. Shiv gets the upper hand by using her built in blades to cut Stargirl's hands, but Justin saves Stargirl. The Staff fetches Pat -- and in the process potentially reveals Stargirl to be Courtney, while Justin recognizes Pat as Stripesy.

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