Supergirl Recap With Spoilers: Supergirl Takes on Leviathan in "Immortal Kombat"

All of Lex Luthor's scheming comes down to one major play to take out both Leviathan and Supergirl in The CW series' Season 5 finale. With everything in place, the ultimate villain is sure he will succeed, thus eliminating any obstacle to him having ultimate power over the world. But Supergirl has her own ally when Lena Luthor saw her brother for what he truly is in last week's "The Missing Link", she went to team up with the Kryptonian hero. Who will prevail in Supergirl's Season 5 finale "Immortal Kombat"? Read on to find out!

Warning: major spoilers for the Supergirl Season 5 finale, "Immortal Kombat" below.

We open with Gemma welcoming Lex to Leviathan, bringing him into their ship -- which looks like a casino with a secret chamber. Rama Khan doesn't trust Lex but shows him how he plans to take out Supergirl. At Kara's Lena tries to talk to Kara, but J'onn, Alex, M'gann and Nia show up to let her know about the Rama Khan kryptonite threat. Lena suggests that she could make Kara an anti-kryptonite suit if they can get her to Lena's lab across town. J'onn and M'gann shapeshift into Supergirl as a distraction but before they do, Alex shows off her own brand-new super suit.

At the Leviathan ship, Gemma officially welcomes Lex into their ranks

In the car, Brainy asks Lex for access to the ship but Lex won't give it to him just yet. He wants Rama Khan to kill Supergirl and her friends first. It doesn't sit well with Brainy.

Team Supergirl works their plan to get Kara across town safely but quickly run into not just Rama Khan, but other "element benders" resulting in the team having to fall back though Kara and Lena appear to make it safely to the lab. A suit is in the works, but Alex shows up to let them know about the other element benders. Kelly calls to let Alex know that William is missing.

Gemma is upset when she realizes that Supergirl never showed up to Rama Khan's attack, but it's time to initiate the end of the world. At the bar, Brainy meets with the female Brainy, having summoned her from the Big Brain. She tells him that he doesn't have to let his friends die nor does he plan to use the mortality code on Leviathan. He plans to bottle them -- at the cost of his own life and he doesn't want to die alone.

Lex kicks off the Unity Festival while Alex breaks into Obsidian so that Kelly can look for clues to find Eve Tessmacher and thus, William. Lena tries to patch things up with Kara but isn't having the best time of it. Kara lets out how she feels about the whole situation and points out all the things Lena did to her. She's not forgiving Lena, but they both head off to save William, which they do, though Eve does shoot him in the shoulder.

Leviathan shows up to go after Supergirl. Lena calls the suit she's made to their location and with her new suit, Supergirl teams up with M'gann and Dreamer to fight Leviathan, though after appearing to be successful, they quickly realize they need to leave for safety as Leviathan is indestructible.

Brainy gets onto the Leviathan ship. Supergirl questions Eve about Lex's plans. Eve reveals who Gemma Cooper is and that they're planning to attack the Unity Festival and kill all four billion users inside it. M'gann confronts Nia about what she saw about Brainy. M'gann tries to convince her to engage with the dream as it may have answers.

Brainy gets into the inner chamber of the Leviathan ship and starts the upload process to bottle Leviathan but it's killing him to do so. Supergirl enters the festival through a backdoor Kelly created.
Gemma discovers Supergirl in the festival and wants to kill people inside of it now. Lex talks her out of it and tells her to send another assassin to kill Supergirl: Andrea. In Obsidian, Supergirl tries to get through to everyone with Lena's help while Alex and the others fight Rama Khan and his support.


Lena talks Andrea out of killing Supergirl. Supergirl convinces people to end their simulation. Female Brainy gets Brainy to hold on until the code uploads and he's able to bottle Rama Khan and his backup at just the right moment, destroying Gemma as well. Brainy sits dying on the Leviathan ship and Lex comes to confront him. Seems he planned for Brainy's plan. He takes the bottle and departs.

Kara forgives Lena while, at CatCo, Gemma goes full Leviathan. Elsewhere, Lex takes the bottled Leviathan's to his mother so they can get to work.