The 100 Final Season Premiere Title Revealed

While many shows have had production shut down and new episode premieres delayed, the final season of The CW's hit series The 100 appears to be on track to air all of the episodes in its final season and was even able to finish production on the series finale. The first episode is scheduled to premiere on the broadcast network on Wednesday, May 20th and SpoilerTV brings word that the title for the first episode has been revealed. Taken from the Second Dawn's cult motto "From the ashes we will rise," the season 7 premiere will be titled "From the Ashes."

Two weeks ago, around the time that many productions around the country were shutting down, series writer Kim Shumway took to Twitter to confirm that the team was in the process of shooting the very final scene of the show, with plenty of the creators on-hand to witness it. Shortly after that initial tweet, Shumway confirmed that the series had wrapped.

"We are filming the last scene ever of The 100 and we have 3 of the [directors], 6 of the [writers], and our beloved studio executives behind the monitors," Shumway wrote in the first tweet. "It's getting real now."

"That's a wrap," the writer added in the subsequent message. "Thank you to the actors who brought their A-games and positive attitudes, to the crew who attacked every challenge, to the writers who rolled with every punch, to the tireless directors, the supportive executives, and our ever-passionate fans. The 100 is complete."


While this marks the end of the main series, The CW has been developing a prequel series to The 100. The new series, which takes place long before the events of The 100, will have a backdoor pilot episode at some point in the final season of The 100. The CW has yet to make any decisions regarding the future of the show, but it likely wouldn't begin production any time soon, given the coronavirus shutdowns.

The final season of The 100 is scheduled to begin on May 20th. Though The CW has not made any announcements about if this will be effected or changed, it seems like the network is planning on returning to regularly scheduled programming in May. New episodes of shows like The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow have been on a temporary hiatus with the premiere of DC's Stargirl delayed by just one week from Tuesday, May 12 to Tuesday, May 19.

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