The Boys’ Chace Crawford Was Worried They Were Going to Cut Dolphin Scene in Season 1

Though clearly the bottom of the barrel for The Seven in the context of The Boys, Chace Crawford's The Deep quickly became a fan favorite. Despite being a real piece of work and an overall terrible person, his descent toward rock bottom made the first season of the show even more enjoyable. One of the best scenes with the character from last year is also one that its star wasn't sure would make it to air, specifically his failed attempt to save a dolphin that ended up flying through a windshield and turning into ground beef on the ride of the road after making contact with a truck

"No I didn't know that it was gonna you sort of be that (popular). I was worried that they were gonna cut it," Crawford told in an exclusive interview. "To be honest, I was worried that it wasn't going to work or something. And somehow they found this animatronic dolphin in Los Angeles, and had it shipped and there was two guys like pumping it, moving these levers and moving it and they are spritzing it down I'm spritzing it down and.. When I heard the video village crack up over there I'm like we might you know, we might be on to something at least you know, where it's gonna work."

As some fans already know, the second season of The Boys is looking to out do this dolphin scene by upping the ante big time. The first clip from the new season revealed The Deep confronting The Boys while riding a whale, and it doesn't go at all how he thought it might when he came up with this genius plan. You can watch that clip for yourself by clicking here.

The Boys will return on Amazon Prime Video on September 4th but unlike the first season not every episode in the season will drop at once. The first three episodes will be released on that date with new episodes arriving weekly afterward, culminating in the season two finale on October 9. The new season will also see Amazon debut an after-show hosted by Aisha Tyler called Prime Rewind: Inside The Boys with the first episode arriving before the premiere of Season 2.

Ahead of the series return next week Amazon Prime Video has already renewed The Boys for a third season. Another hero has already been added to the cast as well with Supernatural's Jensen Ackles set to play a new supe character named Soldier Boy, a bumbling cowardly version of what Captain America was supposed to be.