The Boys Creator Teases "Apocalyptic Event" in Series Caused by Homelander

The Boys is only halfway through its third season and Prime Video has already renewed it for a fourth batch of episodes. Whenever Eric Kripke and his writer's room get ready to start wrapping the main series up, fans can expect quite the spectacle from Antony Starr's Homelander. The primary antagonist of the series has already started to unravel throughout the first half of The Boys Season 3 and Kripke suggests that's only the beginning for the character.

"You could track the meta-mythology of the series essentially as the slow unraveling of Homelander," the writer said in a recent interview for the WGA blog. "So the writers know—and Antony [Starrr] is a big part of this as well—that, eventually, whenever the series reaches its climax, this guy is going to go full sociopath, and he has to be stopped before some kind of apocalyptic event. That's what we're building towards."

What that apocalyptic event is has yet to be seen, but Kripke added that he and the room are already starting to lay the groundwork to move in that direction in subsequent seasons.

"So then the question, when you back into that as a writer [is] what are the guardrails that are stopping him from doing that? Who is he, as a person, that he doesn't just go off and destroy the world today? What are the things that he needs? And then how do we slowly peel those away from him one after the other, after the other?," he added.

Kripke concluded that it wasn't so much character development as it is deconstruction, given that they're slowly reducing Homelander into a sociopath that just so happens to be invincible.

"So he isn't so much evolving as he's devolving, I would say. Right now, he still needs love. He still needs the adoration of fans and the approval and love of his son," the writer continued. "There are all of these things that he requires that, if he became a true monster, he wouldn't have. So we're spending all the seasons teaching him that he doesn't need those things one after another, after another. And then once he finally realizes he doesn't want love or approval from anybody, then obviously, that's when the big end game starts."

The first four episodes of The Boys Season 3 are now streaming on Prime Video. New episodes are scheduled for release every Friday.

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