The Boys Season 2: Homelander Loses His Cool in Episode 4 Promo

The second season of Amazon's The Boys is in full swing with the first three episodes of the popular series introducing a lot of new complications for pretty much every character, but particularly that of leader of The Seven, Homelander (Antony Starr). On the heels of his murder of Madelyn Stillwell at the end of Season 1, Homelander is not only dealing with new management at Vought but a threat to his leadership of the "heroes" as well with the arrival of new Supe, Stormfront (Aya Cash). Now, in a promo for this week's upcoming fourth episode, "Nothing Like It in the World", Homelander isn't handling the changes in his status quo very well at all and flat out loses his cool.

In promo, Homelander tells A-Train (Jessie T. Usher) that he's out of The Seven, tries to choke out Starlight (Erin Moriarty), and Stormfront actively challenges Homelander's authority prompting those terrifying laser eyes of his to activate. This... doesn't look good. Check it out for yourself below.

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We’ve got a big storm coming on episode 4 of #TheBoysTV

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As is seen in the promo, Stormfront is definitely a threat to an unravelling Homelander, something that Starr himself confirmed in a recent chat with

"Who knows who would win in a fist fight, but I think Homelander may have the edge," Starr jokes. "What's really difficult is they're very equally matched, but she has the edge because I think she's smarter and she's more relevant and timely and has a sensibility that Homelander doesn't have and he doesn't know how to deal with it."

The star adds, "She's a bit of a Rubik's Cube to show my age, she's a bit of a Rubik's Cube for him to fiddle around with and figure out, but inevitably he will figure her out and you know, there will be carnage."

Interestingly enough, while Homelander might be starting to feel some pressure when it comes to Stormfront's rising popularity, Cash things that if Stormfront had her way, Homelander is the one current member of The Seven she'd keep.


"If she was in charge of The Seven, I think all of them would be out," Cash said. "Except maybe Homelander, because I think she respects his strength and I think she ultimately thinks she can dominate him and if she can be in control, then she wants him around, because she respects power and those beautiful, blue eyes."

The first three episodes of The Boys Season Two are now streaming on Amazon. The remaining five episodes release weekly beginning Friday, September 11th.