The Boys Showrunner Reveals Disgusting BTS Look at Gruesome Effects

If you've made it through the first season of The Boys, you'll know by now that gore is a large part of the show's storytelling. Ultimately, it's something that adds to the satirical world the series appears in, and the over-the-top moments provide enough fodder to discuss on social media. During a watch along with the second season's premiere Sunday night, The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke shared a behind-the-scenes look at a super gory moment yet to be had in Season Two and,'s most certainly on-brand for the show.

Proceed with caution if you've yet to watch the first three episodes of The Boys. You may be spoiled. Also, the shot's pretty gory so, heads up on that front as it may be upsetting to some (or most.)

Posting a shot of Homelander (Antony Starr) bashing someone's head in with one hand, Kripke tweeted how much he enjoys the process of creating the stomach-churning moments. "I know the gore is upsetting to some, but what you don't know is HOW F-CKING FUN it is to make that stuff," the writer said in his tweet. "All tubes & puppets & CGI. Its literally my fave thing. Like Bloody Muppets."

Earlier this summer, Kripke told he was stressed out while writing season two, not only having to live up to the same expectations that were created after the show's first outing, but also having to create storylines more ambitious and over-the-top that what we've seen before.


"You feel a real pressure to make it as good. By the same respect, you know, because I've done this job for a while, the first mistake that showrunners make is they try to make a season two bigger, and that's ultimately unsustainable," Kripke said at the time. "Because even if you can pull it off, you jump the shark by season three," the writer adds. "So I thought, I attack this season with like, 'Okay, let's not go bigger with, let's go deeper. Let's be more intense. Let's corner all of our characters. Let's put them all under the most pressure we possibly can.' And then let's see what comes out, and how they reveal new facets of who they are. And that you can keep doing season, after season, after season. So that was the goal."

The first three episodes of The Boys Season Two are now streaming on Amazon Prime. The remaining five episodes will be released weekly beginning Friday, September 11th.