The Boys Showrunner Confirms Hughie Is in Trouble in Season 3 After Mind-Blowing Cliffhanger

Full spoilers for The Boys season 2 finale ahead! After the new episode dropped last night, fans are losing it over the multiple twists that went down in the show's finale. The biggest one however is that Congresswoman Victoria Neuman is not only a supe, but was the one responsible for blowing up multiple heads around the country in the season. Which makes things very interesting and potentially deadly for Jack Quaid's Hughie as he's seemingly quit The Boys and has joined the ranks of Neuman's office, none the wiser to her Compound V enhancements. Speaking in a new interview, series creator Eric Kripke opened up about how this will play into the third season of the series.

"Yes! We should very much be worried about Hughie working for her," Kripke told TVLine. "Poor Hughie, he really thought he was like standing up on his own and expressing some independence and doing things the right way, and he’s walked right into the lion’s, which is something he’s going to have to deal with in Season 3, for sure."

To make things even more complicated, it was revealed in the finale that the White House has set up an "Office of Supe Affairs," and none other than Victoria Neuman will be the Czar of the office. General Mallory revealed to Billy that she's been given some "off the books funding" by Neuman to put together a team to keep track of the supes (putting the series on track to be a lot closer to the Garth Ennis comic books).

"If Season 1 ended with The Boys really cornered, and we open on them really desperate and cornered, Season 2 ends with a certain amount of victory and stability," Kripke added. "I mean, it’s bittersweet and at a terrible cost, but they scored a win, and so when you come in on Season 3, there’s a certain amount of comfort that they’re experiencing and a certain amount of stability, and they’re kind of the recognizable version of The Boys from the comics. They’re officially working for the CIA, they have a budget, they have offices in the Flatiron Building. They’re living a fairly stable existence, but there are a couple swords hanging over their heads, which are: It’s only a matter of time before Homelander breaks, and it’s only a matter of time before they learn something terrible about Neuman. They’re content as Season 3 begins, but obviously that won’t last long."

The Writer's Room for season three of the series is ongoing and Kripke has revealed they hope to start production on the new season in the first part of 2021. It's unclear when the series will return with new episodes, or what release format Amazon will use for the next season but the weekly release of new episodes seemed to do wonders for their viewership.