The Boys Star Aya Cash Addresses Season 3 Return After Finale SPOILER

A number of our favorite cast members from the debut season of The Boys reprised their roles in Season Two, with one of the most compelling new additions to the ensemble being Aya Cash as Stormfront. Not only did the character play a pivotal role in the overall trajectory of the new season, but Cash's performance brought an all-new dynamic to the series, much to the delight of fans. Now that the second season has come to an end, fans are wondering what could be in store for the series in a third season, with Cash recently weighing in on her reaction to her character's fate this season.

WARNING: Spoilers below for Season Two of The Boys

Like most members of The Seven, Stormfront appeared as a hero, only to be harboring a dark secret. In the Season Two finale, despite having an immensely powerful healing ability, Stormfront was on the receiving end of Homelander's son Ryan's powerful heat vision, as he almost entirely obliterated her. While she was left with fatal injuries, we never actually witnessed her death, leaving us to wonder if she could somehow recuperate from such destruction.

"I had a wonderful experience on The Boys, I was always signed up for one year, so who knows?" Cash shared with "If the writers have something for me to do, I will absolutely be there. I think Stormfront's story has been told very well, in terms of the arc of what happened, but if they want me back, I will be back in a second."

If it's one thing that The Boys fans have come to expect from the series, it's the unexpected, so regardless of what audiences assume happened to Stormfront, we can't rule out an eventual return. Additionally, with The Boys getting a spinoff TV series, it's possible that Stormfront could somehow show up on that series as opposed to a new season of The Boys.

However, with her backstory being rooted in her Nazi upbringing, it's hard to say fans will be wanting her to return, despite her making for a compelling character.

"Stormfront was a Nazi in the comic books, we always knew that she was a real Nazi," showrunner Eric Kripke shared earlier this year with Collider. "Our version of her, we just wanted to unveil it and it sort of makes sense to us that a lot of what's passing for white nationalism today is dressed up in new modern clothes, but it's really the same fascism and Nazi-ism that existed then. It's come around again."


Stay tuned for details on the future of The Boys.

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