The Boys Creator Reveals Love Sausage Could Return in Season Three

Season two of Amazon's The Boys introduced a surprising supe from the Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson comics, bringing the Russian hero Love Sausage and his monstrous member to the television series. Though his appearance was brief, and came with a major change from his comic book abilities, it seemed like it would be a one off appearance and a cheeky cameo for comic readers to enjoy, but apparently the fan response has been huge and Love Sausage could return for the show's third season. Speaking on the show's virtual NYCC panel, series creator and showrunner Eric Kripke teased just that.

"Everyone pay attention to Laz's (Alonso) response and reaction as I say this, which is, last week a writer pitched that this is not the last time that Mother's Milk and Love Sausage interact," Kripke said. "We're talking about it, there's conversation." Alonzo added, "C'mon man. You know what, that's good? I want to get him back."

Love Sausage was played in the series by actor Andrew Jackson (Criminal Minds, Reign), though the supe is part of the former Soviet Union group Glorious Five Year Plan and has super human endurance and strength as his primary powers in the comics, he has vastly different abilities in the show. In the show his ability appears to be exclusively stretching his penis to extreme lengths and using it as a monstrous tentacle. He used it in the series to latch onto Alonso's Mother's Milk, something that horrified him.

Following his brief appearance, it seemed unlikely that Love Sausage might appear again since he was left unconscious by a blow to the head from Kimiko, perhaps relegating him to a one-off appearance. But a return by the character in the next season could push the series' version of Love Sausage to be closer to how he appears in the comics as a major difference in the two is the familiarity between he and The Boys. Though he only appears in a few issues, Love Sausage is old friends with Billy Butcher and his team mates in the comics, something that could be brought to life in the show.


As fans of the series know, The Boys has already been renewed for its third season and the popularity of the show has been clear over the past few weeks. The season two finale is set to premiere this Friday on Amazon Prime Video.