The Chosen One Actor Speaks Out After Surviving Fatal Accident on Netflix Series

Actor Yeray Albelda, one of the survivors of the car accident that claimed the lives of The Chosen One actors Raymundo Garduño Cruz and Juan Francisco González, has spoken out following the tragic event. The car accident killed two actors and left six other cast and crew members in stable condition. It occured last week when a van ran off the road and flipped near Mulege on the Baja California Sur peninsula. Netflix and The Chosen One producer Redrum issued statements mourning the loss of Cruz and González, and now Albelda has given comments stating no blame should be laid upon Redrum or the driver of the van.

Variety spoke to Albelda, and while he didn't lay blame, he added that "people are exhausted" when it comes to productions. The actor was told a mechanical failure could be to blame, while others have speculated the driver may have been attempting to avoid a pothole or deer. However, an official report has yet to be filed.

"For sure, long days and nights are the norm in most productions, people are exhausted," Abelda said. The accident occurred when the actors were traveling to catch a flight to Tijuana for a break. It suddenly went off the road and flipped. Albelda doesn't recall what exactly happened after that, but he remembers regaining consciousness while inside an ambulance. "I was told that I answered questions but don't recall doing that," he said. His injuries consisted of a concussion and collarbone and shoulder fractures. Line producer Rolf Helbig stayed by Albelda's side while he was transported to a La Paz hospital.

Albelda went on to add that the driver of the van was new, though didn't notice anything unusual about them or the van. "I made my statement to the police and I don't blame the driver or the production," he said. The driver is in police custody pending the investigation. Albelda's role in The Chosen One is a miner, while Garduño and González had supporting roles that still have scenes to be filmed. Production has reportedly started back up following the tragic accident.

The Mexican actors union ANDA held a remote press conference to address the events. Alejandro Calva, the labor secretary of ANDA noted Garduño and González were not union members. "But we are following the case closely, they were important cultural figures in our country," he said. Calva revealed that two ANDA members, Cristina Martinez and Alaide Peñaloza, were injured in the accident. Martinez remains in the hospital with more serious injuries but is stable. Their medical costs are being covered by Redrum, the production team. "Redrum is one of the most important production companies in Mexico, working with above average budgets," he said.

"We are deeply saddened by the tragic accident that took the lives of Ray Garduño and Juan Francisco González. Our thoughts are with their loved ones and with those injured during this unfortunate accident," Netflix said in a statement regarding the fatal crash.

The Redrum statement reads: "All of us on the production of The Chosen One are shocked by the tragic accident occurred last Thursday, while on transit from Santa Rosalía, Baja California, to the local airport. We are deeply saddened by the passing of our colleagues Ray Garduño and Juan Francisco González and are closely supporting all those affected by this unspeakable tragedy. Redrum has been cooperating with local authorities and initial reports and accounts from witnesses indicate that all safety protocols were in place and this was an unfortunate accident."

The Chosen One is an adaptation of the comic book American Jesus, originally published as Chosen, created by Mark Millar (also the writer of Super Crooks and Jupiter's Legacy) and artist Peter Gross. In the series, "A 12-year-old boy learns he's the returned Jesus Christ, destined to save humankind."