The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Gets an Honest Trailer

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is officially in the books and is set to launch Sam Wilson's Captain America into his own franchise with the coming Captain America 4. While clocking in at only six episodes, there was a lot to process, and plenty of material for Honest Trailers to spotlight. Now the show has received the full Honest Trailers treatment, and as usual, they make some pretty on-the-money observations, especially regarding Bucky, the Flagsmashers, and Captain America's Shield, and you can watch the full video above.

One of the on-point comments is how much the Shield is talked about during the show, something you don't really realize until it's all spliced together. We also see them point out that a super soldier can stop both Captain America and Winter Soldier but can't stop an ordinary bullet.

The Do Better speech is also given some attention, as is Sharon Carter, U.S. Agent, and Bucky, who shows how great of lengths he will go to avoid therapy.

The cast gets the usual comedy spin, including titles like The Black Falcon Was Denied a Bank Loan, Baron's Dance Grooves, Tha Carter II, Goldie's Spawn, and more. You can check out the full trailer in the video above.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier director Kari Skogland is thrilled that Marvel doesn't shy away from important topics, and came into the project saying that this was the most important conversation to be had through entertainment.


"Marvel’s never shied away from important topics and they’ve never shied away from pushing the envelope, so from the beginning, even the very first time we talked about the project, I came in saying ‘This is most important conversation to be had, through entertainment, of this century’ and I think everybody understood from the get-go. There was never any concern about the IP of it or any of that," Skogland told Fandom. "They just take on great stories and they tell great stories. That’s their only objective, at least that’s been my experience, so as a result we were encouraged to push the envelope and not hold back. I hugely respect Marvel for that position."

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is available now on Disney+.