The Mandalorian: What Happened With Baby Yoda at the Jedi Temple?

The latest episode of The Mandalorian wasted no time whatsoever traveling to Tython, the Deep Core planet thought by most to be the original home of the Jedi. As Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson) promised to Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) and Grogu in "The Jedi," the planet is home to the ancient ruins of the first Jedi Temple. In that temple is a seeing stone, something the former Jedi said Grogu could use to reach out to other Force-sensitive beings. With Djarin and Grogu reaching Tython, what all went down at the Jedi Temple exactly?

Spoilers up ahead for The Mandalorian Chapter 14, "The Tragedy." If you've yet to see the latest episode of the Disney+ hit, proceed with caution!

Despite some initial hesitation from Grogu himself, the Force-sensitive infant eventually managed to use his abilities to power the seeing stone. This caused an impenetrable force field to form around both the child and the stone, prohibiting Djarin from coming within a few feet of the kid.

Though it's not expressly stated within the episode, it's assumed Grogu did what he needed to do because shortly thereafter, he was knocked unconscious by his overuse of his Force. The forcefield powered down and the beloved Star Wars character fell asleep, right there on top of the seeing stone.

It's important to note that during the entirety of the episode, no other Force wielders lend their voice, appear as Force ghosts, or communicate with Grogu in any way — at least, not on screen. There was, however, the brief appearance of the fabled blue butterfly, an insect that Star Wars fans have long-associated with Ben Solo.

With The Mandalorian set five years or so after Return of the Jedi, it's expected the young Solo is around four or five years old at this point in time. Because of that, it's possible one of the Force-sensitive people that responded to Grogu was the Star Wars villain, long before his Kylo Ren days.

For a listing of other potential Force-wielders Grogu could have reached out the temple, check out this comprehensive list by's Aaron Perine.

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