The Walking Dead's Jeffrey Dean Morgan Teases Friction Between Negan and Maggie in Season 11

Jeffrey Dean Morgan expects Negan to "irritate" Maggie when Lauren Cohan returns to The Walking Dead, something he might have in common with chipper new survivor Princess (Paola Lázaro). The pink-coated Princess, real name Juanita Sanchez, was added to the team headed by Eugene (Josh McDermitt) while en route with Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura) and King Ezekiel (Khary Payton) to meet with Stephanie (Margot Bingham), Eugene's radio contact from an outside group. Their mission takes them away from Alexandria, Virginia, just as Maggie — who has been away with son Hershel since Season 9, helping Georgie (Jayne Atkinson) with a new community — makes her return in the Season 10 finale.

"I think Princess and Negan will get along greatly," Lázaro said during an appearance on Morgan's at-home chat show Friday Night In with The Morgans. "Maybe at first they'll be like cats [hissing]. You know when a cat sees itself in the mirror? So maybe at first they wouldn't get along, but I think they're both wild."

Added Morgan, "They're both kind of outsiders. I think they'll have an interesting dynamic, too."

Negan and Princess did not interact in the since-ended Walking Dead comic book, where villain turned anti-hero Negan lived in quiet solitude after he was exiled by Rick Grimes. Negan did have one final encounter with Maggie Rhee, who was originally supposed to kill Negan in issue #174 of the comic book.

A similar confrontation played out in Season 9 episode "What Comes After," where Maggie conspired with Daryl (Norman Reedus) to murder a jailed Negan. Maggie ultimately decided to spare him, condemning Negan to wither away in prison as punishment for the murder of husband Glenn (Steven Yeun).

"I think Princess and Negan will get along great, and that would be very interesting to see. But I think, and this is sad, I think I would irritate Maggie to the core," Lázaro said. "She's a very serious woman, and she's going through a lot, and then I come in with that big smile. I'm like, 'Hey! I'm happy to be here.'"

"We have that in common, too," Morgan added with a laugh. "I'm gonna irritate Maggie also."

That's only if Negan survives the Season 10 finale, "A Certain Doom," where Negan is holed up in a hospital tower hideout now surrounded by the legion of walkers commanded by Whisperer Beta (Ryan Hurst). Along with Judith Grimes (Cailey Fleming), Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam), Kelly (Angel Theory), Luke (Dan Fogler), and other survivors, our heroes will be forced to mount a desperate escape attempt if they hope to live to see the new community about to be discovered by Eugene's group.


In October, Morgan said he expects there to be "some sort of confrontation, or ten," if or when Negan and Maggie next see one another in The Walking Dead Season 11. Physical production on the new season is currently on hold amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Walking Dead will air its Season 10 finale as a special episode on AMC later this year. For all things TWD, follow the author @CameronBonomolo on Twitter.