The Walking Dead: World Beyond Star Teases Action-Packed Season 2 With "A Lot of Ass-Kicking"

The Walking Dead: World Beyond star says fans can expect more action and "a lot of ass-kicking" when the Walking Dead spin-off returns with its second and final season. The ten-episode Season 2, which airs later this year on AMC, sees its younger survivors struggle to regroup after being separated by the Civic Republic Military. The black-clad organization fighting for the future sent spy Huck (Annet Mahendru) to acquire "the asset" — later identified as Hope Bennett (Alexa Mansour) — while Will (Jelani Alladin) reunited with boyfriend Felix (Nico Tortorella) and Iris (Aliyah Royale) after escaping the CRM's massacre of their home community.

"I have no idea what's in store, no idea. But I can only imagine, based on what we saw from the end of Season 1 of World Beyond, that there's going to be a lot of action, a lot of ass-kicking, and a lot of fight in this show," Alladin told the Talk Dead to Me podcast. "I think it's going to be amazing for the show to bring a different energy now that you've seen these young kids who began on this journey so naive, they are no longer that. They have literally been tainted with blood."

The Season 1 finale, "In This Life," ended with Felix and Iris reuniting with Will, now the leader of a small group of Campus Colony survivors. CRM Lt. Col. Elizabeth Kublek (Julia Ormond) helped liquidate the Campus in the series premiere — a lingering secret that comes back into play in Season 2.

Along with its core cast — sisters Hope and Iris, friends Elton (Nicolas Cantu) and Silas (Hal Cumpston), and group guardian Felix — Season 2 will explore lesser-seen characters like Will and Percy (Ted Sutherland).

"We always were thinking of this two-season aspect of the show as two very different feeling chapters of one complete book. That's one way I look at it. For me, it's really about there's a lot that we want to get through in Season 2," World Beyond co-creator and showrunner Matthew Negrete told "What we've discovered is that there are a lot of characters to service and we're bringing back Percy, played by Ted Sutherland, and Jelani, Jelani Alladin who is playing Will, and so we really have a lot of territory we're going to be mining and exploring up with those characters in the course of Season 2."


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