Umbrella Academy Cast Reflects on Their 'Avengers Moment' That Kicks Off Season Two

As you may have seen earlier today, the opening scene for The Umbrella Academy season 2 brings the Hargreeves kids together in a way unseen in its first batch of episodes. In the sequence, Five finds himself in 1965 as Russian soldiers invade Dallas. There's one target in the middle of the US forces and the Russkies though, our titular team, working together in a way that looks like something cut from a Marvel Studios movie. We spoke with the cast of the series about the new season and this moment which was both fun for them as actors and a memorable one for them as friends.

"It was pretty great man 'cause it was almost like a vision of what we have the potential to do if we sorted our own s**t out," star Tom Hopper told in an exclusive interview. "You know, that's the potential of what we could be. So, but it was great. It was kind of great to embrace that and see everyone doing their thing to the max. Like when Klaus like brings up a whole army of dead people to take on the army, it's so cool."

He continued, "We shot it all in segments. Didn't we? So it was like, we didn't really see everyone doing their bit. So it was like one big shot. They kind of shot it in segments. And then they had that big moment at the end with the nuclear bombs going off. So, where none of us could see, 'cause it was so bright in the sky we all had to look up like this. But that was actually the first day that all of us we're back on set as a group. That was the first time we were back on as a group. So it was a special moment actually to do that scene as one of my first days back." You can watch the full clip below!

Ahead of the new season's premiere, the new season of the Netflix original series has arrived to critical acclaim and a near perfect Rotten Tomatoes score. At the time of writing this article on Wednesday there are 32 reviews for The Umbrella Academy Season 2 have been posted to Rotten Tomatoes (including the review from's own, which you can read here). Of those 32 reviews, 31 are positive, giving Season 2 a 97% overall score.

The Umbrella Academy Season 2 makes its Netflix debut on Friday, July 31st.