Umbrella Academy Star Teases How Cliffhanger Changes His Character for Season 3

Umbrella Academy season 2 SPOILERS Follow! - If you've binged your way through Netflix's Umbrella Academy season 2, then you already know that the cliffhanger ending has set up something exciting for season 3 (if it ever happens). After escaping the past and making sure the timestream (including the assassination of JFK) was properly intact, the Umbrella Academy came back to modern-day only to find the present vastly changed by their actions in the past. Instead of coming home to the "Umbrella Academy," the team instead arrived back at the "Sparrow Academy" with its own superhero squad - led by Umbrella Academy's former teammate, Ben!

Of course, Ben (Justin H. Min) had been a ghost hanging around the Umbrella Academy, after being summoned back from the grave by his brother Klaus (Robert Sheehan). After being Klaus' sidekick for two seasons, Ghost-Ben sacrificed himself (again) to stop Vanya's (Ellen Page) deadly power-surge. The season 2 cliffhanger has now offered an alternate timeline version of Ben who never died, but instead seems to the No. 1 of Reginald Hargreeves' "Sparrow Academy."

Cinemablend got to speak with the Umbrella Academy star Justin H. Min about the season 2 cliffhanger, and the new version of Ben he will get to play in season 3:

"He’s not a ghost. I can tell you that. He’s alive. I think one of the biggest things that we really wanted to do was create as much of a contrast from ghost-Ben to Sparrow-Academy-Ben as possible," Min said. "So while these guys were dealing with the crazy snowstorm and shooting of Episode 10, I was in the makeup and hair trailer figuring out this new Ben’s look... So, yeah, I would say that in terms of not only his appearance... that hopefully as Season 3 goes that he would be quite different, even in terms of personality and character to the Ben that we know of."

Umbrella Academy Season 2 3 Spoilers Ben Alive Sparrow Academy

Umbrella Academy showrunner Steve Blackman teased the idea of finding "another life" for Ben (and Min) in season 3:


"What's great about Ben is we love Justin. He's such a great actor. You know, he's been with Klaus, with Robert Sheehan, for so long and not really interacting with anyone else, and we wanted to keep him around and find another life for Ben," Blackman said. "So I was very careful to let him know that his death scene would be coming up, but there would be a surprise in Episode 10... the Ben we meet at the very end of 10 is corporeal. He's of the real world, and he's somebody that I think we're gonna get to know if there's a Season 3."

Umbrella Academy season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.