Watch Paul Rudd, John Cena and More Warn Against Coronavirus Conspiracies

We've been living through a pandemic for months now and many celebrities have been outspoken about following guidelines, for example, Tom Hanks recently scolded folks for not wearing masks. In addition to people who refuse to wear masks, another issue surrounding the coronavirus has been conspiracies. Recently, John Oliver dedicated an episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver to conspiracy theories and warned about the dangers of believing everything you see on the Internet. In fact, he got some big-name celebrities to join in on the action. John Cena (F9), Paul Rudd (Avengers: Endgame), Billy Porter (Pose), Catherine O'Hara (Schitt's Creek), and Alex Trebek (Jeopardy!) all contributed to the clip's "good advice" on not believing everything you see online.

"Trying to talk with someone who believes a conspiracy theory? Send them a video from someone they might listen to! Visit," The Last Week Tonight account tweeted. You can check out the celebrity clip below:

We definitely recommend watching the whole video below, especially for Cena, who introduces himself as "WWE superstar, actor, Internet meme, dessert lover, and number three on your partner's free pass list."

Cena also explains that some believable information is false while some unbelievable information is true, for example, Cena and Oliver share the exact same birthday. "It seems impossible that two human bodies can… age so differently," Cena joked. (It's true! We looked it up, just like Cena would want.) Even more hilariously, Cena delivered this monologue while slowly taking off his shirt.

"I'm literally a superhero," Rudd chimed in. "The smallest one, but it still counts." He adds, "You know, I once thought I was dead because #RIPPaulRudd was trending."

"If nobody ever asked questions, Jeopardy! would be a very, very weird show," Trebek pointed out.

"Is it a trusted news source?" Porter asked. "If you're not sure, look to see if other trusted news sources and experts are saying the same thing," O'Hara added.


What did you think of this advice from Cena, Rudd, Porter, O'Hara, and Trebek? Tell us in the comments!

You can watch the entire episode in the video at the top of the page. More episodes of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver are available on HBO.