X-Men The Animated Series Theme Song Still Sounds Great on 8 Cellos

There's significant buzz around X-Men: The Animated Series following news that there have been talks of a revival of the popular 1990s cartoon. It isn't all that surprising then that cellist Samara Ginsberg, who has been recording and sharing solo performances of songs from popular culture, has received some requests for the cartoon's beloved theme song. This instance is hardly the first time someone performed the song in another format for consumption on the internet. Still, Ginsberg acquiesced and recorded her solo performance of the opening music from X-Men: The Animated Series and shared it on Twitter. You can watch and listen to her performance embedded below.

During a Wizard World panel, producer Larry Houston revealed that he'd had discussions with Disney about bringing X-Men: The Animated Series back. "We've had talks, but that's about it," Houston said. "We've made conversation, and it's up to them to make the decision, but we've let them know that we're all available for whatever they want to do in the future… If we could do a special, a one-off episode, or a five-part episode. Whatever they wanted to do if we had all the original team. That's what I would come out of retirement for."

In 2017, X-Men: The Animated Series showrunner Eric Lewald offered a quick pitch of what form a sixth season could take. "I had honestly never thought about it for all these years, but now that you mention it, an idea for a season just came to me: The five-season series ends with a dying Charles Xavier being whisked away to space by Lilandra, where she can maintain his fragile body, but where it seems he will be gone forever from his beloved X-Men. It's like a death," Lewald said. "Season Six could open, months later, with the X-Men in disarray – a few gone, the ones remaining at each other's throats. They miss their leader. Then somehow they are called to – and transported to – an existential crisis on Lilandra's distant world. The team grudgingly reunites 'for Charles,' heads off to space, solves the crisis, and a somehow-healed Charles Xavier is either able to return to Earth with them or, if he can't, his heroic final sacrifice heals the team's wounds and they return to Earth as the proper X-Men again."


What do you think of this performance of the X-Men: The Animated Series theme song? Let us know in the comments section. X-Men: The Animated Series is streaming now on Disney+.