Yellowstone Season 5 Finds Fan-Favorite Character in a Very Different Place

This November, Yellowstone returns for its fifth season on the Paramount Network, and one of its most important characters is going to be in a very different place than where we last saw them. Kayce Dutton ended Season 4 on a wild spiritual journey, culminating in a terrifying vision that gave him doubts about his future. At the start of Season 5, he'll be in a much better, more stable place, though that may not last very long.

Speaking to EW about the new season of Yellowstone, star Luke Grimes talked about the new path forward for Kayce, and where he will be when the premiere arrives.

"When you meet him [in season 5], he's off the ranch," Grimes said. "He's sort of almost happy. He seems like he likes his little life on the res with the family. But as the story progresses, you realize he can't stay away for too long. Something calls him to take care of that legacy."

Just because he's in a better place doesn't mean Kayce has forgotten about that vision. It's still weighing on him heavily in Season 5, and that will likely affect his decision-making. 

"In true Kayce fashion, there's no relief from the sort of rock and a hard place that he's in between," the actor said.

"Every season has felt incredibly different," Grimes continued, talking about how Season 5 of Yellowstone sets itself apart. "I think that's the beauty of Taylor's writing. He knows how to make this show just take every twist and turn it possibly could, and to keep it so fresh. Every year has felt very different from the last."

When Will Yellowstone Season 5 Premiere?

The fifth season of Yellowstone is coming back to Paramount on Sunday, November 13th. After a record-breaking Season 4 finale at the beginning of the year, Yellowstone will finally be making its way back to TV in less than two months.

In addition to Yellowstone, the franchise will also be debuting 1923 this winter. The spinoff/prequel series premieres in December on Paramount+.