Matt Hardy Updates Fans On Status Following Big Fall At AEW All Out

During the latest Pay-Per-View event of All Elite Wrestling, the phenomenon of Matt Hardy faced off against Sam Guevara in a "Broken Rules Match" that had some terrifying moments wherein Hardy suffered a terrible injury due to a big fall, but the idiosyncratic wrestler has recently taken to Twitter to share his current status following the match. As Hardy and Guevara were thrown through tables, Matt took a big hit as his head bounced against the concrete and the match still continued with some dangerous risks taken as the brawl saw Matt Hardy take home the win.

AEW's All Out "Broken Rules Match" took place entirely outside the ring, with Hardy and Guevara fighting against one another within the arena. Matt Hardy has always had one of the more "out there" personalities in the world of professional wrestling, and his move from World Wrestling Entertainment to All Elite Wrestling was a highly anticipated move for his career, as fans have loved the appearances he's made in both organizations. Though the referee did attempt to stop the match, it continued on as Hardy and Guevara climbed to some insane heights to see Sammy fall to the ground and bring an end to the terrifying feud.

Matt Hardy took the opportunity to share his current status following the Broken Rules Match using his Official Twitter Account, thanking fans for checking up on him following the concerning turn that the battle had taken, letting audiences know that he was ultimately "fine" and that he plans on returning to AEW Dynamite this week:

Hardy had this to say specifically about the out pour of support he was receiving from fans:


"Hey, everybody. I want to take a very quick minute and make this video to Tweet afterward. I just want to say to everyone out there who has sent me a message, or texted me, or DM'd me, or sent me a tweet or on Facebook, whatever it may be - there were so many. It was overwhelming and so humbling over the last few weeks. I've had a rough run the last few weeks, but so many people have reached out to check on me, and my condition, and health. There was just so much concern, and I'm so appreciative and humbled by it."

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