Matt Hardy Furious With Sammy Guevara After Getting Busted Open on AEW Dynamite

This week's AEW Dynamite saw Sammy Guevara attack Matt Hardy from behind during a promo, leading to a brawl where "The Spanish God" jumped off the entrance stage and sent Hardy crashing through a table with a 450 Splash. Hardy was already busted open before the spot after Guevara threw a chair right in his face, and according to Fightful Select he needed 13 stitches to close a wound from the hardway spot. Hardy (and his wife Reby) uploaded several posts indicating they were furious with the young star.

"Sammy, you were already on my s— list," Hardy said in a video on his personal YouTube channel. "But now you just split open my face. If you thought this was real before, it's definitely real now you little b—. Sammy I am not going to stop until I make you bleed, until I make you hurt! Sammy, your little a— is mine. I'm in pain, I'm hurting, I'm concussed right now, but I'm still clear enough mind to tell you that you are an endangered species. This s— just got real, man."

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Hardy also uploaded the spot where the injury took place.

"You cocky, weird, reckless little piece of s—," he wrote on Twitter. "YOU'RE DEAD."

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Guevara didn't seem that bothered by the incident.

Prior to the fight, Hardy cut a promo similar to what he recently uploaded on YouTube regarding how he was dropping all of his other gimmicks to simply be Matthew Hardy.


"When I first made the decision to come to All Elite Wrestling, I was excited and I thought the sky's the limit, no doubt. What I expected, when I first debuted as 'Broken' Matt Hardy, at AEW Wrestling, is every single night, every single Wednesday at Dynamite, a sold out arena across America," Hardy said. "I thought there would be a thousand people screaming at the top of their lungs, 'Delete! Delete! Delete!' But that isn't what happened. What I didn't expect is that Broken Matt would debut at the first-ever AEW empty arena event. That's where I debuted. And Broken Matt never performed in front of AEW fans."

"So I decided to do like a highlight reel," he continued. "Let's do the best of Matt Hardy. Let's give you Matt Hardy's best moments. Matt Hardy's best personas. Let's wrap it all up in one and do a Matt Hardy highlight reel. Kinda the opposite of what my brother's being asked to do somewhere else. ... So I decided to do my part to try and heal some of this division, trying to do what I can to put it back together. Trying to be a voice of reason. I've had a lot of life experiences. So maybe now it is time for me, on AEW programming to just be real and be someone I have never been on TV or on-screen before and that's me. Maybe it's time for me to be Matthew Hardy. Maybe it's time for me to just be me."