Watch: Shaq's First Appearance on AEW Dynamite Ended Badly

Shaquille O'Neal made his first appearance on AEW Dynamite this week, giving an interview backstage with Tony Schiavone and Brandi Rhodes. Rhodes still had her arm in a sling from when Jade Cargill attacked her backstage with a steel chair weeks back, and the four-time NBA Champion wanted to clear the air on the situation. He said when he called out Rhodes on Twitter that he was merely playing up his public persona, and that he meant no disrespect by it.

Schiavone then brought up the idea of Rhodes vs. Cargill in an AEW ring. Shaq said he was all for that match, and would by in attendance if and when the match happens. Rhodes sounded receptive and started to leave the room, only for O'Neal to say she should watch Cargill to learn a thing or two. This set Rhodes off, prompting her to throw a cup of water in his face.


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