Jake Paul Defeats Nate Robinson Ahead of Tyson vs. Jones Jr.

Ahead of the historic returns of Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr., Disney Channel star Jake Paul [...]

Ahead of the historic returns of Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr., Disney Channel star Jake Paul triumphed over former NBA player Nate Robinson in the co-main event on Triller and FITE TV. Paul bested Robinson via Knock Out in the 2nd round. This was Robinson's first professional boxing match, and Paul's second bout after defeating YouTuber AnEsonGib in January earlier this year. It is unclear if either fighter will pursue more fights in the sport, though they are now recognized as professionals.

Robinson vs. Paul served as the lead-in bout to the main fight on the card, featuring the return of legends Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. The highly anticipated bout marked Tyson's first fight in over a decade.

Robinson is best known for his storied career in the NBA; the 5'9" player won three separate dunk contests during All Star Game festivities. He is highly regarded for his skills, especially considering his height is shorter than average for most NBA stars.

Paul is perhaps best known for his YouTube presence after getting famous for the Disney Channel series Bizaardvark. He has since had a string of controversial issues that have put him in the spotlight, including the looting of a mall in Scottsdale, Arizona during the George Floyd protests, as well being subjected to a raid by the FBI. He also recently conducted an interview where he called COVID-19 a "hoax" and attempted to say he was misquoted, despite their being audio record of his comments.

Robinson chided Paul for his behavior leading up to the fight, calling the YouTuber an "asshole" during the media day event on Friday.

"He's not taking this seriously and is squandering the opportunity," Robinson said (h/t Inverse). "He wasn't saying much at the conference … it doesn't really matter. That's just him not being a professional, acting like Jake Paul. I'm not taking shit personal."

Robinson added, "He came in, being loud, interrupting [me] doing commercials, and he was just being an asshole. Not cool. He started acting like he wanted a photo with me, but really, he's just being a goof. He calls me boring, that I don't talk enough s---, but I said I'll show him who I really am when we fight November 28."

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Photo Credit: Lynn Millspaugh/Handout Photo via USA TODAY Sports