WWE Hall of Famer Teases AEW Arrival

AEW made waves earlier this year when the wrestling organization, that is attempting to rival WWE, [...]

AEW made waves earlier this year when the wrestling organization, that is attempting to rival WWE, announced that Paul Wight, aka The Big Show, would be joining their ranks and it seems that the larger-than-life wrestler might not be the only Hall of Famer making his way to All Elite Wrestling's roster. In an Instagram Post, one legendary wrestler who hasn't been seen in the ring since last year hinted that he would be making a grand return, with many speculating that he'll be making the jump from World Wrestling Entertainment to its competition.

Kurt Angle, the wrestler in question that appears to be hinting at his return to the ring, posted a video of him lacing up his boots and throwing on his favorite shirts and wrestling gear, though this isn't to say that this necessarily means that he is coming to the AEW proper. The last time we saw Angle, he was a part of the NXT as a referee for a brutal match between Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher, with the wrestler going on the record that he was offered the opportunity to become Riddle's manager but turned it down to focus on himself. With this video, it's clear that Angle is hinting that his grand return to the ring is imminent.

Kurt Angle shared the video via his Official Instagram Account with the song, America The Beautiful, being played ominously in the background as the legendary wrestler shows that he is clearly in fighting shape with the brief hint ending with a "To Be Continued":

AEW hasn't managed to outshine the WWE across the board, with World Wrestling Entertainment's big monthly events still bringing in scores of viewers as their weekly shows keep running at a steady clip. With several legendary wrestlers such as the aforementioned Big Show, Sting, Jake The Snake Roberts, and more returning to the ring, there definitely is precedent for Angle to jump into the organization, which would make for a big departure from his days under Vince McMahon's banner. Angle was inducted into WWE's Hall of Fame in 2017, but it's clear that the wrestler isn't done brawling in the ring.

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