Kurt Angle Explains Why He Turned Down WWE's Latest Contract Offer

Kurt Angle was apart of WWE's massive wave of releases and furloughs back in mid-April when he was [...]

Kurt Angle was apart of WWE's massive wave of releases and furloughs back in mid-April when he was relieved of his position as a backstage producer. However the WWE Hall of Famer has since been back on WWE television a handful of times and has stated in interviews that WWE has tried to get him in a new deal under a different role. Angle explained in a new interview with Wrestling Inc. this week that he purposefully turned down WWE's latest offer in order to focus on his new business venture, a nutrition company titled Physically Fit Nutrition.

"It's just pound the pavement, doing a lot of meetings, a lot of virtual meetings and doing endorsements, some movies that I've been talking to agencies and my manager [about], just getting into the acting industry and doing more with that. My Physically Fit nutrition company, that's my first priority," Angle said. "That's the reason why I didn't take the job at WWE because I wanted to work more on my supplement company and make sure it succeeds.

"It's called Physically Fit nutrition," he added. "We have chicken snacks, which is a kind of like a Chex Mix texture where we flavor them. They're made out of chicken. We also have a plant protein, but they're really good. They taste really good. They're very healthy, and I'm excited to see how this does. We have a private label contract with Amazon. We're also selling them in stores and online, so it's going pretty well."

In a separate interview with CBR, he said one of WWE's ideas was to have him be Matt Riddle's manager.

I think that Matt Riddle is going to be one of the faces of the [WWE], he has all the ability. His personality is great. At first, it's a little odd. But once you get to know him, he's very likable," Angle said. "And that's what he's going to get from the fans. They're going to love this kid. And he proves it in the ring. He's phenomenal in the ring. There's no doubt about that. But his whole bro gimmick thing works really well. And he's going to do extremely well.

"WWE has offered me a job to manage him," he added. "Unfortunately, I turned it down due to a few different reasons, but I would have loved to manage him. It just wasn't the right time."