Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green on Setting a New Standard for Independent Wrestling, Best Current Theme Park Rides, Possible Figure Crossovers

Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green stopped by the ComicBook studio in Nashville this past week and talked about a wide variety of subjects from pro wrestling to action figures to theme park rides to the numerous projects they currently have going on. Both are working for a number of promotions including Impact Wrestling, the NWA and GCW and seemingly can't go a single weekend without going viral for something the pair do, whether they're reviving the ECW Television Championship for a weekend, renewing their vows only to get attacked by Nick Gage or collecting piles of championships. 

This past weekend's lineup of shows included Cardona winning the Wrestling Showcase Championship tournament and successfully retaining his Internet Championship against Jimmy Lloyd thanks to Green. Check out some of the highlights from the interview below!

Matt, between Trevor Murdoch in the NWA and Bully Ray on Twitter, why do the big guys keep coming after you?

Matt: Bully Ray is somebody I watched growing up, obviously, but he's been extreme shaming me on social media, saying I'm not extreme, that I'm not hardcore. I'm the death match king. He's too busy with Busted Open, his radio show. He's the past. I'm the future. And as for Trevor, he's the current NWA World Heavyweight Champion, but he didn't beat me. I got injured. I had to relinquish the title, but he knows that when I won it, I beat him, so I think that pisses him off a little bit.

Does a match with Bully need to be a deathmatch in GCW or will it happen somewhere else?

Matt: I don't think GCW wants to book Bully. They don't want to deal with his bullying. His politics is BS, but someone's going to make that match sometime, somewhere and I'll be ready because I'm always ready.

Chelsea, you and Deonna Purrazzo have made VXT a reality in Impact Wrestling (they're currently the Knockouts Tag Team Champions). Is it everything you guys hoped it would be?

Chelsea: It totally is. I mean, we were told time and time again that best friends don't make great tag partners and I completely disagree. I think we're on the same page in and out of the ring. So, this is just another step in our friendship, honestly.

You guys have so many different projects right now. Do you think you've set the new standard for what wrestlers should aspire to be if they're not signed with a big company like WWE?

Chelsea: I was actually just speaking about this with somebody. I think both of us are the busiest we've ever been and I also don't think that anyone has been able to simultaneously work in as many companies as we have this year, but I don't necessarily think that's us changing the game. I just think that's everyone stepping it up in the wrestling world, especially independent wrestlers.

Matt: But here's the thing, we're our own boss and I want to prove that ... listen, WWE, great. AEW, great. And if either of them called me, I pick up the phone 100%.But I want to prove you don't need one of those companies to be a successful pro wrestler, but you have to work your ass off.  There are people who were released from WWE the same day that I was two years ago, who've done nothing, and I have no sympathy for that because you got to make things happen, and we have.

If someone were on vacation down in Orlando, what are three rides they need to do in either Disney or Universal?

Matt: Oh, they got to hit, I mean, the new VelociCoaster.

Chelsea: ...But also Hagrid's (Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure)

Matt Cardona: ...Rise of the Resistance at Galaxy's Edge. I think that's the number one theme park attraction from beginning to end.

Will the theme park podcast (Majorland) be coming back?

Matt: Let's not bring that up. That almost ended our relationship. (Laughs) I'm kidding.

Chelsea: Let me just tell you, we learned very quickly maybe we shouldn't podcast together. We do a lot of things together and we've learned to be a cohesive unit in wrestling. That also didn't come naturally, but we've learned that the podcast wasn't really our thing.

Matt: Yeah. We have different styles and it wasn't meshing. So we put that thing on hiatus.

If you could do a crossover with any toy line, which would it be?

Matt: I would love to be in a Ghostbusters or Ninja Turtles toy line. I mean, Star Wars would be cool. I'd have a purple lightsaber obviously, but yeah. Turtles or Ghostbusters. I would dig that for sure.

If there was one thing you could change about the figure industry, what would it be?

Matt: One thing I do hate is called fig swapping. It's like people buy things at Target or Walmart and they take the figure or the accessory they want, replace it with something else, and go return it. And the person at the customer service has no idea that this is not the right product. They put it on the shelves and then it's just there. Some poor kid is getting this not knowing or his parents buying it for their birthday thinking it's something special and it'll be devastating and they're opening up this figure that's not the right way with the wrong parts, the wrong accessories. I don't like stuff like that, but I don't have a solution to that.

Any new Major Bendies on the way?

Matt: There's a Chelsea Green coming. Let's see. Who else is on the lineup? We have Joey Janela coming. We have The British bulldog coming. It's just something that we've always wanted to do. I love toys. I love wrestling toys, and I've been fortunate enough to have a bunch of wrestling figures myself and work with a bunch of different companies like Super7, Mattel, JAKKS, but I wanted to create our own thing and be in control of the whole process, choose the outfits we wanted, sign the people we wanted. So, I don't think she actually signed a contract, but she's on board. But it's a lot of fun.

Chelsea: I feel like I signed a different kind of contract (laughs). The wife!