Watch: Matt Cardona Throws the ECW TV Championship in the Trash

Matt Cardona pulled off yet another stunt that drove Game Changer Wrestling fans insane this week. He arrived at Friday night's GCW Most Notorious event for his match with Rhino and pointed out that the veteran star was the last man to hold the ECW World Television Championship. After beating the "Man Beast," Cardona pulled out a sack that had the old ECW TV title and claimed himself the new champion. Even Wikipedia and Cagematch got in on the action, stating that the title had been revived by Cardona. 

But Cardona didn't let the reign last very long. Saturday night's GCW Say You Will event saw Cardona cut a promo blasting Paul Heyman, then claim that WWE would hit him with a Cease & Desist if he kept carrying around their intellectual property. He and Chelsea Green then threw the title in a trash can, calling back to Madusa infamously doing the same to the WWF Women's Championship when she arrived in WCW. 

Cardona then went on to lose against Ricky Morton. He and AEW's Joey Janela will clash at The WRLD on GCW pay-per-view next Sunday at the Hammerstein Ballroom on pay-per-view.

The former WWE star saw his popularity skyrocket in 2021 thanks to his heel run in GCW. He has also carried the character over to the NWA and is currently chasing after the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. In interviews, the Internet Champion has stated this run is the most fun he's ever had as a wrestler. 

"I didn't really do anything until this year where I was like okay, you know, the world's kinda opening back up," Cardona told WrestleZone in November. "I felt more safe, and I just went out there, and like my schedule is fully booked. I'm doing something every weekend and I love it. I love it, I love that I get to go out there. For instance, the other night, New York City, GCW. Then I drive to Pennsylvania, like Bumblef--, Pennsylvania, wrestle this kid who was once the Broski of the Week on my YouTube show. And then the next day, I do something for the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast. So I'm living my dream, and I'm having so much fun. This is the most fun I've had in my entire career."