Nick Gage Ruins Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green's Wedding Vow Renewal at GCW Homecoming

Matt Cardona (dressed in his finest Randy Savage outfit) and Chelsea Green attempted to renew their vows during the second day of the GCW Homecoming event on Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately, it didn't take long for the segment to get ruined by various GCW stars. First Jimmy Lloyd showed up as the ring bearer but couldn't find the rings. Then Allie Katch arrived with a gift for Cardona, which turned out to be off-brand Rogaine. Finally, after the two had seemingly finished the ceremony, Nick Gage's music hit. 

The former GCW World Champion took out Cardona with a Spinebuster, followed by Katch smashing Green in the face with the wedding cake before hitting a piledriver. Gage then busted open Cardona with a light tube (after hitting his dad with one), then repeatedly sliced open his forehead with a pizza cutter. Gage famously lost the GCW title to Cardona in a deathmatch at last year's Homecoming event and put his career on the line for another title shot against current champion Jon Moxley. He closed out the show by grabbing the microphone and shouting "MGK All F—ing Day!" with the crowd.

Despite being out with a torn bicep for a few months, Cardona has continued to pop up at wrestling shows. He'll make his in-ring return at NWA 74 later this month.

"I've been working with a new doctor, Dr. Matt Cardona, and he's going to clear me to compete for NWA 74," Cardona said in a recent interview with ComicBook. "Listen, when I got the surgery, it sucked. There's no good time in this business to get injured. But if there was ever a bad time, this was a bad time. I had seven titles. I was killing it, but it was a bump in the road. And I told myself, 'I want to be back in three months, and that's what I'm going to do.' Right under three months for NWA 74. The surgeon said, 'Five to six months.' He still wants me in an arm brace. I'm Matt Cardona, okay? I'm already back in the gym. I'm training. I'm ready to go."

"Billy Corgan, he owes me something. He made me give up the title. I never lost the title," he added when talking about his return match. "Nobody ever pinned me, I never tapped out. In my mind, I am the real world's champion. So I made a little deal with Billy. I said, 'I'll come back for 74. I'll put some star power on your show, but I have to handpick my opponent.' So I'm not going to let you know who it is. You got to tune in to find out."