Lio Rush Retains NXT Cruiserweight Champsionship Against Angel Garza

Ever since Lio Rush had made his grand return to the NXT brand, he's been on quite a tear with [...]

Ever since Lio Rush had made his grand return to the NXT brand, he's been on quite a tear with quickly winning the Cruiserweight Championship from Drew Gulak. But he's had one contender biting at his heels with Angel Garza. Garza himself has had a huge upswing following his grand debut during the NXT Breakout Tournament, and won this shot at the championship after beating Tony Nese last week. Now the two are going head to head with both of them hungry for the Championship, but Rush has considerably more to lose.

With his family in attendance, Lio Rush was able to successfully retain the WWE Cruiserweight Championship, but the official did not see that Garza had his leg under the rope during the pin. It was a controversial win accompanied by boos.

The match between the two had a significant amount of back and forth as Garza has a lot to prove early on. Even going so far as stripping off his tights right in front of Rush's wife and kids, Garza wanted to make an impression with this title opportunity for sure. He had come out the gate swinging with a strong offense trying to weaken Rush and wear him down.

Rush had taken a lot of punishment, but he had a lot more at stake with his family in the audience. Garza tried many huge moves, but Rush had plenty of counters in place. Garza was no slouch either as he made the most of every one of his moves that he was able to land with a few successful moonsaults doing a ton of damage.

It was a dirty and aggressive brawl with the two of them trying to almost demean one another with each one of their strikes, and it seemed like Rush's moves were hitting just that much harder. Garza was able to hang in there, however, and even managing to hit Rush with a Wing Clipper. It's what won him the title opportunity in the first place, but Rush was able to somehow kick out of the pin attempt following this huge move. Garza tried it again on the ropes, but Rush was able to counter aggressively.

From here the momentum completely shifted as Rush hit Garza with not one but two Final Hours in quick succession. The second one hit just a bit harder, but Garza fans are most definitely not pleased with the final results. Especially given the rhythm of the match seemed to suggest otherwise.