The Reason WWE Changed Raquel Rodriguez's Finishing Move Possibly Revealed

Raquel Rodriguez and Ronda Rousey delivered an impressive match a few weeks ago on SmackDown, and last night they faced off against each other once again. Unfortunately, their match got crashed after Shotzi got everyone fuming about being passed up for a shot at the Title, but that wasn't the only takeaway from the match, as Michael Cole revealed a new name for Rodriguez's finisher during the match. The finisher was previously named the Chingona Bomb (which was a fantastic name by the way), but Cole called it the Tejana Bomb during the match, and seems to have put the puzzle pieces together on why it was changed.

During Rodriguez's previous match the week before the commentary team referred to her finisher as the Chingona Bomb like normal, but then it was muted courtesy of the 7-second delay. It would seem that WWE decided in the moment to mute it, as if it had been decided ahead of time the commentary team would have just avoided referring to the finisher until a new name had been picked.

As for why the article says that WWE found out the meaning of the word Chingona during the show. It's actually slang for being a bad ass woman, so there's nothing wrong with it and it seems odd to change it. That said, it is close to another word that means F***, so perhaps it was too close for comfort. WWE hasn't confirmed this or given a reason why and probably never will, though if they or Raquel address the change we'll let you know.

Rodriguez has had a stellar run on SmackDown since debuting not too long ago, including her recent match against Rousey. That match impressed across the board, and thanks to the interference last night they ended up teaming up as a Tag Team. That is likely just a temporary thing though, and it wouldn't be surprising to see Raquel built up as a major Title contender sooner than later.

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