Watch: Triple H Sits With Jeff Bezos, Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel at New York Fashion Week

WWE's sale to Endeavor finalizes on Tuesday.

WWE is closing in on one of the biggest days in company history. On Tuesday, September 12th, WWE will officially merge with UFC as one giant publicly-traded company under Endeavor, marking the first time in WWE's history that it is not under the majority ownership of the McMahon family. Vince McMahon will retain some of his corporate powers, as he is set to remain the Executive Chairman of WWE. The biggest overarching power will lie in the hands of Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel. With the two sporting giants now operating under one roof, that means there is one consolidated board of directors. McMahon and WWE CEO Nick Khan retained their positions from the WWE side while longtime executives like WWE Chief Content Officer Paul "Triple H" Levesque are off.

Triple H Joins Jeff Bezos, Ari Emanuel at NYFW


The Cerebral Assassin took in New York Fashion Week and was spotted next to some major names.

As shared on social media, WWE Chief Content Officer Paul "Triple H" Levesque was spotted next to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel at NYFW. They watched on as models took the runway, including WWE superstar Maxxine Dupri.

You can check out a video of Triple H in the crowd below...

What's Next For Triple H in WWE's Endeavor Era?

While he will no longer sit on the company's board of directors, Triple H's creative control remains largely intact. 

The Game has been the frontman on Monday Night Raw and WWE SmackDown storylines since Summer 2022. He assumed creative control following Vince McMahon's initial retirement, calling the shots without a higher power guiding him until this past April. After McMahon returned to WWE in January and successfully sold the company in April, the longtime booker's fingerprints were once again all over the WWE product. Reports circulated that the red and blue brand shows that immediately followed WWE WrestleMania 39 went through typical McMahon turmoil, with scripts being rewritten and matches being reorganized just minutes before broadcasts went on air.

"Creatively, we look forward to continuing to do what we do and the momentum that it has," Triple H said on a WWE earnings call earlier this year. "And on top of that, I speak for myself, I'm incredibly excited about what Endeavor brings to the table and how we can utilize them to expand our efforts and really hyper focus on them internationally and, and growing what we do across the globe. I think they'll be incredibly helpful there."