How Does Triple H Feel About Being Left Off WWE's New Board of Directors?

The WWE Chief Content Officer is said to want the merger to be "f--king over with."

WWE's new ownership is expected to take effect next month. Endeavor purchased the global leader in sports-entertainment this past April for an estimated $9.3 billion dollars. This made Vince McMahon's goal from January into a reality, as the longtime WWE Chairman ended his six-month retirement to return to the company in hopes of selling it. Upon the sale, Endeavor announced that it would be merging WWE with its other sporting giant, UFC. These two companies will remain their own entities but will be publicly traded as one, utilizing the stock ticker TKO.

WWE and UFC will also operate together from a corporate standpoint. Many departments will be consolidated into one, including the board of directors. The announced members of the board include four employees of WWE and six employees of Endeavor.

  • Vincent K. McMahon (77, WWE) – Executive Chairman of WWE
  • Ariel Emanuel (62, Endeavor) – CEO of Endeavor
  • Egon P. Durban (49, Endeavor) – Co-CEO of Silver Lake, Endeavor board member
  • Nick Khan (48, WWE) – CEO of WWE
  • Steven R. Koonin (66, WWE) – CEO of the Atlanta Hawks
  • Jonathan A. Kraft (59, Endeavor) – President of the Kraft Group & son of New England Patriots owner, Robert Kraft
  • Sonya E. Medina (47, Endeavor) – President and CEO of Reach Resilience, co-founder of Greenlight Growth Capital
  • Mark Shapiro (53, Endeavor) – President and CEO of Endeavor
  • Nancy R. Tellem (70, WWE) – Executive Chairperson and Chief Media Officer of Eko
  • Carrie Wheeler (51, Endeavor) – CEO of Opendoor Technologies Inc.

Notably absent is WWE Chief Content Officer Paul "Triple H" Levesque. Triple H had served on WWE's board of directors before the company was sold.

How Does Triple H Feel About New Board of Directors?

(Photo: WWE)

Speaking on the Kliq This podcast, Triple H's longtime friend Kevin Nash was asked about how his former tag partner feels about being left off the new board of directors. According to Nash, Triple H is ready for this slow-moving merger to be "over with."

"Whenever we talk, I just know that he wants the merger to be done. I think that's his number one thing, like 'let's get this f--king thing over with,'" Nash recalled. "It's not like sick of anything or that he brings up anything like, 'Well, they do this, this, and this.' It's never an ultimatum. He does his job."

Despite his absence, word from WWE has emphasized that Triple H's creative responsibilities will not be altered by the upcoming changes.