WWE's Becky Lynch Gives an Update on Her Pregnancy

Becky Lynch made the major announcement back on May 11 that she was pregnant with her first child, and as a result she needed to put her WWE career on pause for the next year. "The Man" hasn't made many public appearances since stepping away, but in a recent interview on The Bellas Podcast she talked about how her first trimester with the pregnancy went. Lynch explained in interviews shortly after the announcement that she didn't learn about her pregnancy until shortly after WrestleMania 36 was taped, and her due date is set for December.

"I felt sick the whole time, just nauseous, and that was it really. I was still able to work out, I wasn't exhausted but... I can't push [myself physically] anymore. And I don't know if that's like a mental thing where I'm like 'Ahh, I don't wanna!' You don't know what's going on, so you're worried about everything. I don't know, I've never felt this before. So I don't know what to do and what not to do, so I think was a little overly cautious about everything."

Lynch said she actually lost a bit a weight during the first trimester since she didn't want to eat. On the upside, she said she's been able to have a sleep schedule again after being on the road for so long.

Lynch made it clear in an interview with ESPN that she has every intention of going back to wrestling full-time after she has her baby.


"Bringing it closer to home, I'll talk about the mothers in my own line of work: WWE superstars Asuka, Mickie James and Lacey Evans. They've all proven that you can do both," she said.

"That's something that I've always preached and wanted women to have that equality," she added. "And of course, to be on the level with the male performers and be on the same level in terms of pay, in terms of treatment. But also, this kind of goes hand in hand where a guy can go and have a kid and doesn't have to miss a beat in his career. Unfortunately, we do. But that's also a fortunate thing because we get to experience things that they never will, but also it just doesn't mean that it's got to be the end for a career in any line. And I think a lot of people have proved that, and I hope to join them."

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